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Rated: E · Poetry · Military · #2224732
Using anger to achieve justice.
A Vietnam Vet disabled from war
once followed the rule of veteran’s law;
he had to appear with doctors once more
for testing his pain and pension to draw.

The wound in his spine from battles long dead
affected his life like shrouds on a light;
he had to rely on government bread
for hunger’s assault and chills of the night.

But once when he went as ordered to do,
there was a brash doctor suited with tie;
he slapped at the vet from out of the blue
and yanked up his leg, producing a cry.

Then five months went by as snakes without name
made further assault to veteran’s life;
a letter so cold said he was to blame,
indicting the vet, thus causing more strife.

Those shock waves produced from anger inside
unsteady the mind and weaken the eye;
with wrong upon wrong, no justice can bide--
this harmful intent conjoined with a lie.

It was an anger that billowed with smoke,
and even the marrow burned in his bone;
for how can a vet, disabled and broke,
stand up to this force when living alone?

Yet he was lucky and blessed with a sense
to channel that anger sharp as a tooth;
he knew that these wrongs would have no defense
with tale of that quack and medical truth.

A neighbor so kind from right on the floor
would visit the vet each evening at eight;
red tape adds to rage and heightens it more
like fires that burn in mindsets of hate.

  (The government runs a complex machine
  with gears that can grind exceedingly slow;
  but in two month’s time his will did not lean,
  and wrath took the lead in blood-burning’s show.)

This vet got his back right up in their face
by channeling rage to positive ends;
and wrath walked away with dignified grace,
ahold of a letter making amends.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2224732-Compelling-Justice