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Preempt to new gospel narrative
In one of The intros to a new Beatles song,if im not mistaken it was, “Glass Onion” John lennon was sort of playing with the beatles fans by going over some of the People and places in his previous songs. Now, its quite early in the morning, and Im not sure if the sound loop that goes round and round in my head is accurate, but John, is asking the fans, in a grovely voice, Querying them about there studies, or rather “amusements, if they remembered his imaginary folks in his songs, ” I told yuh bout The fool On the hill…...Man”, musical rest,( forgot the term for that) rest will do i guess, in fact I think its correct, then he assures us, “ yeah hes a livin there still man……. “ then he invites them to, “another place they can go a ohh” what? Oh you want me to Write it out, okay, its the last line before the bridge,here, “Lookin through a Glass….onion ” Wait ? Wait it was, “the bridge”, yep.,dang, this is exactly why i dropped music as my Magor and took up automatic writing.
The teacher rose, when i entered and said “weve been waiting for you”, I told the teacher I was a Christian and a bad speller, and the class erupted in applause/.It was won won wonderful,

uh wait, “Glass Onion?”
Not a particularly savory or interesting image to go to, when your dreaming, but it was nice of him to say the image is open to you if you wanna hang out in it .Um?..no thanks

In like wise similar fashion, together we have met “The Woman at the well” Who can forget the woman who met God, Can you imagine? You can do better than that, believe it, with all your heart and soul. Close your eyes, and see her run into town, stop with a huge exclamation point hangin over her head…..look at all the guys hangin out, and said basically “Hey you guys, Theres this Guy who told me evertyhthing I ever did, Hes claiming to be the messiah, I think hes legit.” So off they went. Are these the types of occurrence in the annals of the only true faith in the world, apparently so

Then,” Nicodemos” The rather long and Esoteriacally pregnant Nicodemus Message, The sound loop took the wheel and creative spirits jostled cajoled not nefariously but playfully the Johnathan Edwards spirit, and we all went to a museum in West Virginia of the Soul, Critics were nice and said it had a certain something something,Only God knows. I mean Columbo even showed up in that beat up car for a cameo,
Hmm.. Gosh,always wanted to be a Beatle, so ill brush up on my English liverpoolian accent, heavy on the nasal tones,(Have they ever finished at the top or won a championship in th English soccer league.) I didnt even know thye were in it?) Ringo knows, il give him a jingle..later? Sorry distracted, “Heres another Place you can go..a ooooo” “The Raising Of Lazarus” It was what Did him in with the authorities, but more later, I hope you like it.

What that? . uh oh.Wifey is yellin, for my tonnage of hoarding, the last of which is hangin out and needs to go, so the truth cho choo is comin later this week, until then Cats and kittens your in my prayers. Pray for me to be holy..pat…. pray harder, you see what your up against, love in Christ alone.
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