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Rated: E · Poetry · Sci-fi · #2224860
A space alien, the solstice, and a new Moon.
On the night of the solstice in June’s summer sky,
there were myriad stars shining brightly on high.
And the blackness of space could make anyone swoon;
absent was lunar light, for it was a new moon.

Clad in gray walked this space alien, Nine About Blue
who was sent to this Earth for a decade or two.
The new moon on the Solstice affected his mien;
his black almond eyes bulged, his green skin lost its sheen.

Nine was tuned to the night, biorhythms in place;
yet with this strange coincidence, he made a face
and his three nostrils whistled like steam kettle rant
as About Blue felt faint, and he started to pant.

Blue looked up from the summit of which he had scaled
and had words with himself as he huffed and then railed:
Where’s my moon on this Solstice night, oh I confess
that bereft of its light, I am green in distress!

He then looked to the North, the Aurora was strong;
Borealis appeased him, yet not very long.
It was hard for About Blue to deal with the night
where the Solstice held sway without any moonlight.

I can see Milky Way with its band overhead,
Nine announced to himself in his alien dread.
Short the hours this night, long the day summer brings;
’tis uncommon sometimes what astronomy brings!

Oh the depth of the sky, ebon starry-filled sea!
Sent to Earth, mine’s a mission of keen urgency!
Not a sliver of moon to provide my content;
I feel tears in my eyes…Summer Solstice lament!

Nine About Blue decided to put woe aside
on the night when the moonlight decided to hide.
Then when thirty days passed, his depression was slain
when beneath the full moon he felt happy again.

32 Lines
Writer’s Cramp
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