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This is a love letter to a romantic partner. First attempt at erotica. Cnstrctive fdbk plz
Of Course

A story for you about you.

Me: Of course I love your penis. He is beautiful. May I lick him with my tongue?

You: Yes, of course you may lick him with your tongue, my love. Let me take him out for you.

Me: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

And I put out my tongue and I lick him underneath from the base all the way up to the head, tongue flat, moving slowly, wanting to feel every vein, every ripple, every reaction as he gets harder and harder, and strains toward me wanting more. I want more, too.

Me: May I please wrap my lips around him and slide him into my mouth?

You: Yes, of course.

And I wrap my lips around him and slide him into my mouth, my tongue cradling him, still licking and stroking and exploring him, my wet lips moving up and down his shaft. I love the way he feels against my tongue and between my lips, and I can tell that you do too. I hear you starting to grunt and moan with pleasure, your breath beginning to quicken, and I say,

Wait, my love! I wish to stroke him with my breasts, holding them together with him between them as I grind myself against you until you come inside my cleavage, and you say,

Of course, my love, I would love that.

And I hold my breasts together with your penis in between them, and caress him up and down feeling a charge, a rush that spreads through them and into my nipples, and I squeeze just a little with my finger tips and then I moan with pleasure, and I look down to see you ejaculating onto my neck, and I let it run down to the tops of my breasts and with one hand, gently spread it around and rubbing it into my skin, I say,

Oh please, baby, lick me clean with your tongue, and you say,

Yes, of course,

And you lick and suck and fondle my breasts, sometimes together, sometimes one at a time, and it is heavenly, and so relaxing that I almost start to drift away to sleep until I realize that you have drifted down to my vagina where you are gently stroking the soft curls on my mound and my outer lips, and I pull my knees up toward my body and lift my feet off the bed and spread myself wide for you, knowing that your tongue will find all the right places, and you will take your time, as much time as I need, to let myself orgasm and spasm into your mouth, and it is wonderful,

Of course.
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