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No Dialogue Contest Entry - 700 Word Count
         The prompt for June is dad. What does dad mean to me? Well, just let me think. It can be my dad, your dad, or anybody's dad; it can also be the dad of your favorite pet or any animal that you love. Hey! Who says it can't be a dad to a beautiful fish swimming in the ocean, slick and full of glitter, shiny and full of life. For instance, welcoming your presence with their own special song, think of a dolphin being as happy as it can be, jumping high above the water, chattering happily, as it does its acrobatic flips.

         Your dad can be an anchor in your life, whether you're a son or a daughter, who keeps you safe from the dangers of this world. Proud of his part in bringing you into the world, he's a safety net of love. By showing how much you're adored, he gives you hugs and kisses. Encouraging you in any way he can, he will get you out of the doldrums that keep you from doing your best. Your dad wouldn't want to see you struggle with anything; he would rather show his love by taking you in his arms; all he asks of you is to do your best. He is your best friend and confidant; your secrets are kept safe, making him someone you can trust.

         A dad will let you follow your dreams. If you want to explore the universe, then you're likely to become an astronaut. If you like animals, then you're likely to become a veterinarian. Highly favored by your dad are the goals or calling you have for your life. The qualities that make your dad special makes you special.

         Getting them to giggle and laugh, a dad will get down on the floor to play with the kids; this is a contagion that gets everyone else to laugh as well. Kids get a real kick out of getting piggyback and shoulder rides from their dad. I can only imagine what a child may be thinking, but I can only guess that they feel on top of the world.

         To take a try at something new is the adventurous spirit of a dad. If a child should happen to fall, they depend on their dad to catch them; this is how they learn to trust him, giving them the willingness to get back up and try again.

         A logical answer to a problem comes from the dad. After that, finding the solution to a problem is up to the child; they need to find a method that works for them.

         For all the wonderful things he has done for you, you can honor your dad on Father's Day in the month of June. The love you have for your dad is worth commemorating; it shows that what he's done for you is not in vain; it shows that he's special.

         A dad is wonderful to have, except when he's abusive. When this happens, it's a sad time; it damages the very essence of who you are. For instance, it will cause a boy/girl to lose faith in men, thinking that all men are bad. Causing him/her to think or feel the way he/she does, I would call damage control; the kind of control that has made him/her feel this way. This is such a shame since the father figure he/she looked up to has been taken away.

         Aside from all this, a dad is good to have around the house; his ability to fix things comes in handy, such as when a car is in need of repair or when purchasing a car, he usually has the skills in knowing what to do. Their ability to solve mathematical problems is simply amazing; their brain works well in this area.

         In my opinion, the conclusion to this story is that a household works better when there are a man and a woman. When the relationship is healthy, when both sides are together, is a real advantage. In Donny and Maire Osmond's song, "It Takes Two", is very true; it's good to put this into practice.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Friday, June 19, 2020
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