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ATM Heist at crowded Mall
The ATM Heist

Many shops and busy business are in the mall in its lounge with large crowds. Some are taking rest on centerspread seats, after a long stroll.A hotel reception, branch of a reputed bank with its ATM, raffle ticket vendors do their business around the central resting place in the lounge. A wide lavishly built stairs branching on either side lead to higher floors with a number of shopping outlets. Artifacts surrounded by lavish indoor shrubs and flowering plants are arranged beautifully at appropriate locations to give a beautiful look to the environs.

The Sun is warming up , weather's quite cool, enjoyable. It's week end people throng mall with a variety of expectations; to have fun with entertainment and some shopping if valet permits.
As usual people are busy in their business. A closed pickup van parks beside main entrance. A group of masked men swiftly walk into the mall and disburse in different directions across the lounge. Everybody wear masks fearing Corona virus and they were no different.

B A N G........a huge explosive sound nearby rattles the mall complex. A big confusion and commotion sets in. People run helter-skelter to safety.

"Hands up, Don't move, ..." public address system blares all over repeatedly ...... Gun welding masked men move all around the lounge and shops firing in air forcing to surrender. Security guard at ATM is shot and silenced, cash chests removed from ATM machines , loaded into their van and driven away ! It's all done within a few minutes!

People wonder "What has happened?. Exodus emptied the mall, with a deserted look. Brave hearted shoot pictures of rampage to ascertain the truth

TV and local media announce breaking news :
"Burglars strike at ATM, loot cash box".

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