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Life becomes a lot easier when we trust the vibes we get from universe.
When you get the vibes some people arent good enough for you, TRUST IT. They really never are or they never will be, at least not for you, for sure. Better you leave immediately, else you get stuck lifetime, making it hard for you to decide- LEAVE or STAY? Well, Leaving is impossible as you are already used to the person and staying doesn't make you happy anymore instead it sucks. You can do nothing except cursing yourself for not trusting the vibes recieved earlier. Then you sit there crying over the things that annoys you, having noone by your side to comfort you. You get irritated.Irritation do make people angry resulting in harm if goes beyond the limits. So,how can even people say- " the person who annoys you the most also loves you beyond everything?" Is this even true? I cud never believe such foolish statement as never had I ever seen the reality of this statement, but instead got to experience the opposite. They annoys you the most, I agree but what about love? Is it even love if the person annoys you ALWAYS,and leaves you to cry alone without a single try to comfort you or make you happy? The truth is they are never there for you, they give a damn care about the happiness you deserve,they are just upto annoying the people and leaving them on their own, THEY ARE SELFISH.

Ever thought this way - If they had loved you, tears in your eyes would have been the biggest failure in their life but, they stay there calm, thinking it as of a victory(with a wide smile on face) to annoy and make you cry. Isn't this enough to kill the person who is already in pain? The one you thought would give you a shoulder to lean on with tight hugs to assure you from every insecurities starts staying away from you. They soon then leave you alone in your own world full of anxiety,sadness, frustruation and so on,the world where you belong to now; that could have been a lot more happier probably, had you trusted the vibes earlier. You have now already turned into a parasite depending on other for your own happiness and the toxic level in the body seems to have reached the peak as you let yourself destroy emotionally by the person, whose vibes never matched with yours and yet you thought of giving it a shot. And, the worst result you got was, losing yourself completely in between.
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