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Suduku and The Cosmic Equilibrium
In the evening, I wind down by playing Suduku.

To me the game is a three dimensional model. It uses a base nine grid and has an X axis, a Y axis and a central core. Each axis and the core must contain nine unique symbols in each dimension and that symbol can occur only once.

I love the game because it demonstrates, over and over, the fixed nature of a three dimensional universe, where when one symbol changes, then everything else must follow, maintaining a strict equilibrium. Think about it, isn't this the way life is? Isn't everything in life interconnected?

For every smile there's a tear,
For every joy there's a sorrow/
For every good an evil,
For every victory a defeat
For every light a darkness
For ever up there's a down
For ever step forward, one backward.
For every pleasure a pain
For every fragrance a stench

If I were to come up with nine symbols for the above, they would be like coins, that would align in my puzzle and the faces flipped randomly, for better or worse. I could interpret my day, staring into the matrix, like reading tarot carrots, then yawn, feel my eyelids flutter and try to get a good night's sleep.
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