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A guy walks into a bar . . .

A Short One

The bartender spotted a gloomy looking guy carefully placing a pet carrier on the bar.

"Hey buddy, no pets - " the bartender stopped short as the guy brought out a miniature piano, followed by a little man wearing a tuxedo who sat down on a tiny bench and began to play.

"What the hell is this?" the bartender exclaimed.

"Well, I found this magic lamp and then there was this genie who was hard of hearing - "

"A magic lamp?" the bartender interrupted. "Like Aladdin and three wishes and all that?"

"Yeah, like Aladdin," the guy replied. "Only it was one wish and the genie didn't hear so good - "

"How do you know he couldn't hear?" the bartender interrupted again.

"Well, do you really think I wished for a twelve inch pianist?"

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