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Here are the fifth and sixth chapters of the story along with a pronunciation guide.
The Drawing World Elementals: The Tragedy of Flameza

Chapter V: Flameza's Treasure Room

After Leafy departs from Leafia's house, he finds Flameza and Lavia on the streets and follows them to Flameza's treasure room, where he keeps all of the rare treasures he finds throughout all of his adventures. Before the secret door to the treasure room closes, Leafy quickly passes through it unscathed, then he was amazed by all the treasures Flameza has found. Almost every treasure in the room is incredibly rare and expensive.
Flameza places the Searing Temple Amulet to the safest place where he could put it. "Now this is a safe spot for the Searing Temple Amulet," he said. "Every new treasure needs to be -" He was interrupted when he saw Lavia looking down in the dumps. "Lavia, are you feeling okay?"
"I thought you'd never ask," Lavia said, feeling depressed.
Flameza sits next to her. "Lavia, what's wrong?" he asked.
"You see, Flameza," Lavia answers, "you may have more friends than me and seem to hang out with them a lot when we're not going on adventures, but what about me? I barely have any time to spend time with our friends, and I don't want to be alone anymore. I always want you to stay by my side whether we're hanging out with friends going on adventures, or going on vacation somewhere around the Realm of Elements; otherwise, I'd just be alone again..."
"Lavia, I will always be there with you, even when I'm gone," Flameza said, comforting his best friend. "I'm sure we've had a lot of fun with our friends when we're not busy, especially after all the epic battles we've had against Ziryukari, Yassiketzu, Xemphoshazen, Kenziehl, Raiyokayizza, Tsugaryasse, and Flario. Just because you want to hang out with friends more often, you just can't quit that life, right?"
"I guess not."
While Flameza comforts his best friend, he encourages her that he'll always be by her side by singing a chill song about how much he cares about her:

         I know that life can be tough,
         But you are not alone.
         And never forget about
         How much we have grown.

         Everyone has difficult times in their lives.
         I had those, too, but I managed to survive.

         I'm sure that you can make it through this life, too,
         Because I am always there for you.

         We are not like anybody else,
         But that doesn't matter to us.
         And you know that all those years of fun we've had
         Might hopefully give us a plus.

         Lavia, feeling a little better, cares to join in the song:

         Thank you for having my back
         Because I really needed that.
         I could not make it through if it weren't for you,
         And you also helped our other friends flat.

         As long as you are there for everyone
         No beast alive stands a chance against you.
         No matter how hard life can be,
                   We will always have each other, too.

Flameza continues:

         We will never forget all the good we've done.
         You, our friends, and I are made to be one!
         Everyone is counting on us to save the world, too.
         Yes, we are always there for you!

Lavia continues:

         It's always good having life and friends
         To count on us for all the good we do.

Flameza continues:

         That's because I will always...

Lavia continues:


Flameza and Lavia sing the last line of the song to conclude it:

         Always be there for you!

"As you can see, my friend," Flameza said after the song was over, "I'm not saying any of this to be mean, I just want you to be happy."
"Thank you, Flameza," Lavia said gratefully. "This means a lot to me."
Leafy trips on one of Flameza's treasures and falls to the ground; he didn't get hurt too badly. "Oof!" he said.
Flameza gasped. "Leafy, are you okay? What are you doing here?"
"Oh! I just came here to check on you two, that's all," Leafy answered.
"Okay, let me-" Flameza said as he reaches for Leafy.
"Nope, nope," Leafy interrupted, waving his hand sideways. "I've got this. I don't want to get burned." He stands up and straightens up.
"I understand," Flameza said. "Next time, make sure you don't trip on things, especially on my treasures and in new places."
"Okay," Leafy takes the advice.
"Well, I better go out with some other friends," Lavia said as she's about to leave.
"Lavia, we've talked about this," Flameza said.
"I know," Lavia said, opening the door. "I'm sure nothing can go-"
She was interrupted when a mysterious figure kidnapped her and disappeared without a trace. Flameza and Leafy gasped when she disappeared. "Lavia!" they screamed.
"Where did she go?" Flameza asked.
"Let me go check," Leafy said as he opens the door and checks outside, but there was no sign of anyone.
"Did you see her?" Flameza asked.
"Nope, no sign of her," Leafy answered, "but can this get any-"
He was interrupted when the same mysterious figure kidnapped him and disappeared.
"Leafy!" Flameza screamed again. "Alright, that's it!" He walks out the door as if he's irritated. "Come on, kidnapper, I know you're here somewhere, and I would thank you kindly to step out where I can see you!"
The same silhouette that kidnapped Lavia and Leafy sneaks behind Flameza. "I don't mean to kidnap your friends, buddy, but I've got a job to do," he said. He punches Flameza in the face so hard that he knocks him out, and then he drags him away.

Chapter VI: Shanghaied!

Meanwhile, the unconscious Flameza has taken to a giant battleship in Mercury Oceans in the human world, where Pitch and his shipmates, working for King Florine, board the ship. When Flameza woke up from his stupor, he ends up locked in a prison cell. And much to his surprise, he saw that all of his friends were locked up as well! The same guy who kidnapped everyone removes his cloak and reveals his identity.
"Like I said, it's nothing personal," White Pitch said after he walks up to Flameza and drops down his hood.          
"Who are you?" Flameza asked.
"You can call me White Pitch," he answered. "I wore that cloak to hide my identity."
White Pitch's leader, Pitch, enters. Pitch is wearing black samurai armor with dragon scales. "Did you get them all?" he asked White Pitch.
"I sure did, boss!" White Pitch answers. "Flameza Torriscald and all his friends have been captured."
Pitch was impressed when White Pitch has captured everyone anonymously. "Excellent," he said. "Now we can-"
"Hey! Check that out!" Flameza interrupts. He points down the hallways to distract Pitch and White Pitch, busts himself out of his cell, and knocks them out.
Lavia was surprised when Flameza managed to distract bad guys, break himself out, and know them out. "Flameza, how did you-"
"No time explaining," Flameza interrupts. "Let's get out of here!" After he breaks everyone out of prison, Pitch's other shipmates - Light Grey Pitch, Dark Grey Pitch, and Black Pitch - enter as the good guys make their way to escape Pitch's battleship.
"What's going on here?" Light Grey Pitch shouted.
"Hold on," Dark Grey Pitch said, "how did you prisoners manage to escape?"
Flameza turns to Light Grey Pitch, Dark Grey Pitch, and Black Pitch. "You three are about to find out," he answered.
Before the good guys can get off the battleship, Bob Flintz enters the ship and knocks out Light Grey Pitch, Dark Grey Pitch, and Black Pitch from behind. "Come on, everyone," he calls out. "We better get off of Pitch's ship immediately!"
"We're right behind you, Bob!" Flameza said. While everyone is escaping and getting off Pitch's battleship, Flameza steals Pitch's special Pitch-Black Badge, and Lavia steals a knife from Pitch.
"Hey! Come back here this instant!" Black Pitch shouts after he and the other minions woke up.
"Flameza and his friends are escaping! After them!" Pitch said as he and his shipmates chase after the good guys.

pronunciation guide:
Flameza = flame-zuh
Lavia = lah-vee-uh
Ziryukari = zee-ree-you-kar-ee
Yassiketzu = yah-see-ket-zoo
Xemphoshazen = zem-foe-sha-zen
Kenziehl = ken-zee-el
Raiyokayizza = rye-oh-kuh-yeet-zuh
Tsugaryasse = sue-gar-ee-ah-see
Flario = flare-ee-oh
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