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nothing is permanent but change, but how we cope with it is up to us
I opened the door and found Anna still sleeping on the couch. An hour was left for her dance class.I knew she was tired but waking her up was important and not just important it was absolutely necessary for her and somehow for me too. Anna was eight when I lost my husband,Sam,in a car accident.Since then we together have been through thick and thin,learning and growing,making these nine years pass by,nurturing them with abundance of hope and diligence,showering with love,for the dreams yet to be fulfilled.To see my little girl turning into a teenage sensation has been a matter of great honour to me or better say to my motherhood.
When Anna was three,her Dad would shoot videos of her shaking to peppy dance numbers.As she grew up she would often say to her father,‘‘You will be proud of my dance someday,Daddy”.We had been living in a small town of Kilbury and had planned to shift to a city after selling some property for Anna’s better future,but life always has other plans for us and as it is said ‘Nothing is Permanent but Change’.
It was Saturday that day and just like any other weekend I was preparing chocolate pudding,an indulgent treat to them.Listening to old music,I was in a swishing mood all ready to take off to my wonderland.Both,father and daughter duo had been out since morning to a countryside for an Annual Fair.I had tried calling them up for the whereabouts but my phone’s signals had evaporated to the space it seemed.But then my joyous,cheery frame of mind got grasped by a sudden,hefty and ponderous intuition,which I guess was the tip of the iceberg.I knew this divination,which we women are a born genius at,was not mistaken. ‘What it could be,some mishappening or just a mood swing,I pondered.Trying to avoid unpleasant thoughts,I busied myself with the pudding again,unknown of the fact that my world had crumbled down.
I heard Mrs Hedley,my neighbour,calling out my name with an edgy voice,‘‘Grace!Open the door’’I ran towards the door and found her accompanied by two police officers.Sam had died in a car accident,that was slammed by a lorry while they were returning back home.I was taken to the Bridge Wood hospital,where Anna was admitted.One of her leg was cut off to get her life back.I was shaken to the core.
But Anna unexpectedly made be believe that life is still beautiful.Her leg was amputated above the knee.She knew her journey would not be easy,but over the years she has come out as my Wonder Girl,all ready to go that extra mile for her dream, enduring all the pain and the unforgettable loss.We still live in Kilbury and I know someday,Anna will make to the big city .
“Mom!” Anna’s voice brought me back.“Why didn’t you wake me up?Its already 3:30PM.I will have to rush up for the class now.I have to be there by four o’clock.” “I am sure you will make it,darling.”I kissed her forehead as she hurried to freshen up.
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