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“Plot Twist”. T rump. The virus. George Floyd. History will prove; It’s all good!
To watch the USA cleanse itself is head clearing.
The perfect catalyst to drive change into our culture, is t rump and the virus.
When COVID 19 virus gave the cover to hit the pause button, the personal cleanses started.
The blatant exposure of America’s long festering sore not only comes with stench. Included is raw sewage. The sewage is an attribute of mine and yours.
Things got personal. Me and my Maker. You and yours. That’s why it’s different this time. The 8:46 minutes made it personal, after all we are humans. That explains the universal involvement with George. The principal is volume, the greater the better.
T rump. The virus. George Floyd. History will prove that God once again flipped the script proving that all things work right back around to us applauding Him. Cause, He’s, All, That! “Plot Twist” is what Pastor Steven Furtick dropped in my spirit today.
Any virus attacks the easiest target or the weakest or the most obvious or the least resistance or the lowest hanging fruit or that which even a bat can see it or only an idiot denies it; t rump. T rump often presents the perfect contrast to the obvious, the given.
Viruses can kill, not only a human but also racism or biases. Systemic Racism is easy to see, makes Justice seem obvious. Also, if we focus towards the fabric it provides us the person some cover for what the virus exposed to you in you. And it took us 400 years to get here they say so it’s gonna take awhile. Each generation provides the next with challenges. Challenges drive change. Here is where the script gets flipped. Here is how to flip the script, “plot twist”. The following generation will have to deal with the restructuring after this one finishes with the exposure.
What is occurring is that collectively humans are dealing with their own flaw(s) simultaneously then resolving collectively to the other side. That’s the catalyst of change. Boom it’s on. Once you get two or three agreeing to the same thing, the start.
As the volume grows it’s like a virus. Good to bad, right to wrong, flipped. The sooner you cleanse you, the sooner America is cleansed. Plot twist.
The target of change? Starts with JUSTICE. With all these people now seeing what has been obvious to us experiencing it things are changing finally. I will share with you, to me it’s welcomed but anticlimactic. I’ve seen it, it was obvious, no one cared. And I raised two kids who recognize it and doing something to change it. My self esteem is built upon that point. I did do something right.
As an old head who will wear the Red Black & Green to his grave I support #BlackLivesMatter and will join in the resistance to gain Justice through exposure and restructuring tomorrow’s Department of Justice including Policing with a fresh cleansed anointing.
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