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This was something I wrote to practice my character introductions
Samuel fidgeted in his chair uneasily.

The upper class train car was filled with chatter, among business associates and professional couples. Men solemly discussed about land and money while women chatted heartily about fasion and magazines. Young service men and women with perfect smiles were serving cream teas to passengers.

Samuel took a long sip from a gold rimmed white cup. Warmth flooded his throat and body, and the tea tasted like home, but it did nothing to lessen the anxiety building in his chest and seeping into his stomach.

Samuel Albert Harrison was a man in his mid thirties, but many would think he was considerably older. His wrinkled eyes were a product of stress rather than age and he had a particular smell of old books and flowers to him.

Mr Harrison was a man perfectly content with the comfort of his own solitude. He had few associates and even fewer friends, if any. It wasnt that Samuel hated social interaction, more so the thought of embarrassment mortified him.

Everytime a fellow passenger glanced in his direction, or one of the perfect smile servers would enquire about the quality of his service, his heart would race and he would fear improbable events. The noise didnt help either, everytime he would try to read he would be distracted by idle chatter or the clinking of cups.

He hadn't even touched the scones given to him, the thought of eating induced nausea at the moment.

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