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The Raising of Lazarus

Hi, the last two messages were entirely too long so this one is about four pages, and if u dont mind try to have a bible by your side, or read john, chapter, 11:vs. 1-45, meditate, return and read this message


Please read John, 11: vs 1-7, thanks, .
The beginning verses you read, relate a sweet and urgent plea from two beloved sisters to Jesus, for help. His reaction is odd, when he senses that there hopes are gone, when he knows Lazarus has died, he says,” lets go guys, were going back to Judea, our friend lazarus has fallen asleep”, What? Is he a dysfunctional understander of women, no, he loves them, he just wants to show them how the believing life conquers death and despair, “if” u believe in him correctly. Its a curious way to defeat death with faith.
Its mentioned, “Jesus loved them,” and they loved Jesus. Each however; had differing views of love.

Peoples earthly love is based on conditions, perhaps the sisters in the past liked the guys who never let them down in there many conditions, but sooner or later its God’s will that the conditions fail ,not to be mean, but to teach a greater truth,and show theres more to life than making sure everything is just humming along… Nothing wrong with meeting others expectations. Most married people will have to meet there mates conditions, they do so to stay happily married.

Its easy to be a Christian when everything is rosy like a Waltons episode. But spiritual reality is not this way, and for good reason, tragedy, death, not obeying or not honoring our spouse will eventually rear its ugly head and really threaten our faith and peace, deaths power, and marital conflict, Its real, and we need his help to conquer it,.. so, like the sisters….. we cry out, he hears, we send for him, so he comes, but, he has conditioins of growth, of challenge, we must learn to see things his way and know who he really is,
Its infinitely farther than the human eye or heart or mind can see. You can do it, and will, because Jesus is kind, and shows us a way out of this by explaining it, its simple really, it st by believing in him alone as God almighty. Seems heavy handed, but its necessary to defeat “reality” as the world says it is for you in times of trouble, and things that “seem” to be happening to you. He teaches us to see further beyond these things.

If you skirt the issue here, youll be sorry when death/sleep, or heartache/Divorce is at your door step. Arm yourself today,against this “lion” who prowls looking for someone to devour.”

Death is satans ace, or greatest power. Oh yeah, I hear you.. “ sir, I beg your pardon, uh? satan.?. really?” Yes, not my cup of tea before I was saved either, but he is mentioned often as real by Christ..so I believed fully and now know the reality of this force, or person. He is real,

He wants us to dance to his tune and meet his conditions,thinking the worst believing the worst until its actualized by doubt. we will defeat him with obedience and our ability to learn faith today.
The work of this entity is a reality, a ruler with a reality separate from Gods. Only those who are mature in correct faith in Christ are free from his bondage.Jesus is therefore intent on his real person as God being known fully, contrary to the watered down Jesus thats evident in the two sisters. They did realize him in the end, so will you.
One of them, Mary was the woman who washed Jesus feet with her hair, he was impressed with her faith and said “ she has done a beautiful thing”, he loved her as her creator, he taught her some to know who he was fully by raising her brother, and how to advance to divine love of God. is this possible? of course.

Next please read verses, 8-16 FEAR IS HOW WE DIE

“Love is but a song we sing, if by fear we die,” This could have been taken from one of the many lovely poems that I carefully analyze on our site, um..well, sometimes.. See, the poetic verse above in quotes, it is not scripture But, its true, as far as Im concerned. When jesus told them they were now going back to Judea, the followers questioned him, for his health’s sake and theres. They feared

If we fear, if we hesitate here, and we hesitate there, and then, at this, then that ,we might as well just say “goodbye” to the joy of life and the faith in the kingdom to come, cause, you wont see it here very much, and when you are allowed to see it in heaven you will need sunglasses. Fear is the devils work.,
Most folks still dont believe there is a metaphysical force at work doing this, but… look, at yourselves, are you happier and more fruitful when you challenge fears or give in to them?…. Clearly, someone, or thing is definitively orchestrating the conflict to retreat,, but Jesus is not a created being as he is, faith in Jesus overcomes him, he really will flee at his presence in you.
Jesus in the passage, is telling you to do this now, and always,no, not me,He says” move forward in my power”,he is the light referred to here.
So, I ask you, do you wish to be who you are in Gods light? are you a leader? are you a teacher,? are you a farmer of souls?Are you a successful Mother or Father, you will never know if you are afraid. This treacherous being hides the real you, Trust Jesus and find out who you are,

Also, the sleep thing, Hmmm? Doing well with moving along, oh well, dont want to complicate it now, hmm, oh well, yes , thats it, yes,yes, sounds good, and its true too. dont fear, ahem... “there is no such thing as death”, there, I said it, so did Jesus, did they get it?...noooo do we?...kinda sorta , maybe...yes, you see?, its not easy.

Why? its large and in charge, It is the father of all tiny fears, rejection, poverty, loneliness. End of the worldedness, and the adversary of man is not willing to give up one inch of the tribute it brings in with pain and suffering,
By saying it is but sleep, jesus Gently but firmly slaps him down and lets you escape it. Do you misunderstand like the disciples, do you misunderstand like bold, but..stupid Thomas. Sieze the power he affords you to resist now, today, yes now, as u read this, and be done with it, clutch your fist seize it, This time, throw it Down to hell ,in Jesus name, Thank you ….moving along,


When Jesus, who was the Messiah got there, he was seen as perhaps, “the friend of the family with great powers”, Martha thought he had some explainin to do. We all do this to Jesus, when we dont get what we want, which is a recurring theme in all of us.
She was upset that he had let her brother lapse into death,This is our knee jerk reaction to anyone who puts us in a bad place but he told her,” Iam the resurrection and the life, whoever believes in me, though he dies, yet shall he live”and “ Everyone who believes in me shall never die , Do you believe this?”
This is not an idle lovers excuse, this is the power of faith in God and what it will do, it Is also why he let his friend seemingly die.
You might think Jesus would just magically turn us onto this mystery of his actions. But he must be satisfied that our old thinkng and ways of reasoning are renewed, by our own understanding. You learn to ride the bike, you learn to sail the ship, you slam the door on defeat.
Clearly doubts arose,”born again” means new in all ways and things. Maybe, Matrha was still wandering around in her cozy life, with her older, brother lazarus in the sentimental past. Maybe?, Im in danger of adding things, but one thing is certain he knew she was not fully attentive to the way out of this illusion of pain, anguish, darkness,, cause he asked the question “ do you believe this” meaning do you doubt my God head?

Her answer was an academic “yes”, she answered correctly but..…. While we are alive, in this one life, please grab it with heart soul and more soul, if you do so, He as God will strengthen you beyond what you hope for..if you believe, do you? “There is no sorta” there is only “Yes”.

Read vs 27-38 HE WEPT

It is written “ he hears the weeping of his people”.Yes, but, you have really, really, got to understand something about him, and the shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept” Yes, he knows that the Fears, the falling down at his feet, the weeping of the crowds, the whole thing is heart felt on the part of the people, but note this!..... he isnt weeping along with them, let it sink in, when he weeps,he isnt weeping with them, hes weeping, “For them”,
Yes He weeps beacause of the depth of deception that is upon them. Be grateful for Jesus If you believe in him he wont leave you there. ( this is why your family needs your help to believe), but, what Did Jesus see here?
Imagine a child of yours or your family members jumping out of a tree onto the ground and hurting himself as he discovers gravity. Yet, he cant figure it out, and does it again and again,,,,,,, So too, these folks, the sisters, at this time got a good dose of the adversary’s power.
Jesus knew it didnt have to be this way.
Deaths power was trying and succeding to extinguish hope, Yes, Jesus wept at the intensity of his opposition, and the deep hooks it had laid in his beloved childrens hearts….despair and an “all is lost” spirit is in deep, real deep., in cases like this,They need to be shown whats causing the blockage of light and power. What keeps them in the dark there ignorance.of who he really was, this ignorance sat and waited today it reigned, but how? why?

The sisters loved the remnant of there father in Lazarus, and the comfort of family, they perhaps did so too much, they also loved jesus too, but, not quite in the way that God should be loved, nothing sinfull at all, purely mistaken Identity,
They gave much honor and devotion for a “teacher”,, but did not fully and completely realize,, he was God.we miss this sometimes and suffer too, dont make the same mistake
Like David with Bathesheba, before Nathan, they were not fully aware of something, it caused darknesss, they needed to realize This “Guy” was what the scripture promised to her people and us,God Almghty, He was at her brothers funeral to help, the dark things that seemed to have happened, it wasnt true, to see this they needed to trust him absolutely, not sorta or some.
In the end they surely did and are with him in paradise today..
The truth always comes out for those bound for the kingdomof God. Jesus was always in a state of being upgrading for the sake of his earth bound children. Everlasting Father Prince of Peace, God Almighty. These things at this funeral ?,,,, growing pains.

The raising of Lazarus took place, it was going down despite, there lack of full understanding, in his mercy, he wanted to relieve there pain and give his people one last sign of his divinity. Strangely signs, even like this, are not enough.
He asked, “where he was laid?” to assuage there grief, for now, but they would have to be made fully aware later by more things that happened according to scripture.His physical death, his separation from the Father,in short, his spiritual and abject pain to save us from sins, and his Ressurection.and Ascension.

Please Read verses 39-45 WHERE IS YOUR FAITH ?

Jesus had done many miracles and this was his third raising of a dead person,
He probably would have preferred to tell people things and have them believe,, but he lamented greatly with them as with us, “unless you people see signs you simply wont believe” this saddend him, because belief is supposed to come first,
When he arrived at the tomb he was made aware of the stubborness of fear by Marha, when Martha reminded him of how long lazarus had been dead.
Biblical peoples, depicted in scripture, are sometimes shrouded by a pastor’s gentility, I lack this,so ill tell you what really happened, Jesus, literally yelled at her, he was saying other words, but basiclly shouted, ”Where is your faith!?” she wasnt fully prepared for the trauma of her brothers death., how can we be ready, For me, Its in the Bible.
I mean,there are a lot of things that distract us from real faith, Im glad that one or two of the readers read the verses, nothing I can say can compete with scripture,, yet we forget these words power.
(There is a possibility that nobody read the passage), which would indeed, be a shame, however, one thing in my mind is certain, the only thing we have left of him are in the words ,or narratives he left, if you dont read it daily, and really really, follow his words. you or me for that matter will be like Marha too, “Getting yelled at By God”....huh?

Meaning practically, personally,, in my marriage yes, in my work, yes, in my witnessing,and writing, (you see its confusing at times), and I will,have bouts of fear that paralyze even me, when the corona virus started (im sure you had these from time to time) panic strikes. I yelled at myself, “ Where is your Faith?” All fear is unbeleif, without, his words, nothing to beleive, means nothing to defend yourself with when the enemy strikes, only what we read can be brought up by the Holy Spirit to help us.
So Let us not trouble him,only believe, read, listen, obey, and then turn away from distractions to the glories he prepares for you , let them come by faith, obedience, and surely they will day after day. God bless you for reading this, lets all advance in …. the “Love” Of God

In closing, oh, yes, were done... It is a miracle, I read the passage carefully which helped. The new format seemingly worked, if possible please try to read the verses or the passage when u see the preview review in the religious Genre section, read the passage carefully, it will help all of us to see the glory of God, thank you……pat.
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