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by Sinag
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Little thing made into something spectacular

Colours of Quarantine

Three months ago our city declare Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ) , this has spark a lot of emotions, people have been questioning the leaders of our city. Why we need to: stay at home, do social distancing and sanitize. And even asking how about the poor people what are they going to do.

Questions that obviously been answered by the government but people seem to be not listening, instead of following such easy rules just for this time of pandemic. They rally for freedom: Freedom of Speech, Freedom to have fun and all of the freedom that they think of.

As I was contemplating on things that I have seen and heard, These has made me think that being in quarantine has brought me to a lot of places (in my mind),my goals in life and everything I want to do. (My dream to travel solo). Different

These things have brought colours to me every situation and action has colours.

Anger is so high that people can't stop ranting to social media; I have seen so amber emotions in social media that made me do the opposite thing, instead of getting that super red emotions. I think of the things I've learn months before the quarantine.

Controlling my emotions, staying at home for a long time will create frustration and worries; I might think it is the end of the world. This emotion didn't stop me from doing worthwhile things. Like: Learn how to play Ukulele and guess what it was an achievement; I can play lot songs in my Ukulele.

The amber emotions turns to green of hope that this time I can relax do whatever I want. I can sleep longer times which I cannot for the past 7 years and this is the best time. The things that I can't do before, I can make it happen now. Sound so crazy but that is the fact. (look on the brighter side). Those tiny things that use to not matter, it is so precious in this time.

That green emotion has opened my eyes of yellow creations such as: Baking with no oven, preparing sumptuous meal for the family and even write in my journal. What a wonderful feeling that was. The most colourful happen is when I decided to write again. Express my feelings through words.

Emotions sometimes doesn't stay so colourful , it turns gray and I have to appreciate that emotion too , to see what makes other colour stands out. Every emotion has opposites; sad - happy, sunny - gloomy and light- dark, everything has meaning and emotion.

These colours excite me on what will happen after and I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. All the colours that choose to paint in this quarantine time will be a reminder for me on how I face this dark times.

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