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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2225202
Talbot and Borg finally meet.

Talbot was dragged through the door and over to the chair.

“I like what you’ve done with the place, very retro,” he said through cracked lips.

The musclemen ignored him as they threw him in it and clamped his wrists and ankles with the built-in manacles.

“Does this work?” Talbot asked indistinctly due to a swollen tongue.

The two men stepped back to take their places on each side of the door. A coded knock, made one of them open it.
A stout man with a large head and sausage fingers, stepped through it and stood staring at Talbot.

“Comfortable, Mr. Talbot?” he said in a nasal voice.

“Why, Mr. Borg! What a surprise!”

Borg smiled unpleasantly and stepped closer.

“It seems we are at an impasse. You have something I want, but my best efforts have not managed to persuade you to give it to me.”

He glanced over at the goons and scowled. They cringed. Borg returned his gaze to Talbot.

“You are no doubt wondering if this electric chair you’re sitting in is a working model. I assure you, it is.”

“Seems antiquated compared to your usual torture devices.”

“You are much mistaken! It has been upgraded to put out extra electricity and uses a remote starter.”

“Amazing! Tell you what, let’s trade places and you can demonstrate!”

Talbot watched as Borg’s face turned a violent shade of red.

“Really Borg, you should take better care of yourself!”

Borg pulled a small black box out of his pants pocket. It had a florescent green button in the center. He pushed it.

There was a sizzling arc of power from the chair that felled Borg where he stood. Talbot was released from the chair by the massive short and took off in the ensuing darkness and chaos.

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