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by Dazani
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          She paced around the small, confined, dark room, her head pounding from a massive headache as she wondered where she had been placed. Ever since she had been enrolled in the program, she had always been cautious of her every action, and also always made sure her emotions never got the best of her. She continued pacing, as a young, bright green-eyed man stumbled upon her, effectively showing she had been placed in "Arranged Marriage."

         She burst into rage, her cheeks flaring up and her fists balled up while her nails dug into her skin. She screamed, she shouted, but no one heard her. It was all in her head. She kept her mouth shut, and kept quiet, trying to not let her anger burst out, though it was quite the fight.

         The green-eyed man laid his eyes upon her, eyeing her up and down, and even though he was pretty upset with his placement also, he couldn't help but gaze at her beautiful features. The way her long, silky burgundy colored hair flowed down her back....the way her gentle set, hazel eyes glazed around confusingly, and in anger....each and every curve that set her hips and waist perfectly....and her soft, plump lips in a hard, crushed line. Even with her so angry, he still found her to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and that, most definitely sparked his interest.

         He walked up to her, her eyebrows furrowing as he approached, but her mind immediately melting, he was absolutely perfect. The way his bright green eyes lit up the room....his massive lips, too big for his face, but still...so perfect...his long, dark brown, almost black hair tied back waving in the gentle breeze of the cool room. She, too, had her interest sparked, but the last time this happened, it didn't end well...at all.

         (3 years prior)

"Shut your damn mouth, Scarlet!" Chavier raised his voice to her, before punching her in her cheek causing her to fall to the ground. A dark purple bruise formed upon her pale skin, her arms tight around her stomach, as she was bearing his child.

"I don't want to hear another word. Otherwise, back to the chamber you and that demon spawn go." He mumbled harshly towards her crying body. She ached for help...she needed to be free.

         (Present Day)

Scarlet's son, Zachari, wandered up to her, his eyes falling upon his stressed and strained mother before gazing up at the man who would eventually become his "step-father" for the next five years.

"Momma...I don't like this one..." Zachari whispered quietly to his mother, effectively straining her even more. Her voice cracked slightly, one tear slipping down her cheek as she leaned down to her four year old, cupping his cheek and putting on a fake smile. "My love, I will not let a soul touch you. You are safe...and I will be too....one day." She whispered the last part too softly, her son not able to make out her words.

"I know...but one day, we will be happy. We will be safe. I promise that, if anything to you..." She said, still smiling before letting herself cry softly, handing off Zachari's favorite toy to him to keep him distracted.

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