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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Supernatural · #2225214
Tony and Tia are grown. Tony now searches for others like himsself

Tony stood in the shadows of the auditorium. There weren't any unoccupied seats available, the show was sold out. He sent out a search soama to connect to any attendee who might be one of the Kindred. It came back with nothing more than a few weak connections. No one in the audience had enough Kindred blood to interest Charles Neveau. That was except the main attraction, Lionel Hines The Illusionist.
Blue, violet and teal lights bathed the stage in undulating color. Eerie music thundered through mega speakers. Tony shook his head, the boy knew how to stage an entrance.
Moving along the hall outside the auditorium he read the guard's mind. Mike. He headed to the man pasting a wide grin on his lips. "Mike, how are you? It's been a long time. You were," Tony paused as if trying to remember, then gave the expression he'd remembered. "In the play Wait Until Dark. That was back a few years. I've been working on some of the press for Lionel." Before the young man could react, Tony walked on by imprinting his identity and connection for future visits. Now he could come and go without any problems. not that he'd be returning anytime soon.
Tonight Lionel was giving his last performance. He'd mentioned to the press, he would be on a brief hiatus to work on new acts. Tony knew Charles had been in contact with the young man and invited him to his paranormal institute in Colorado. The man would do anything to obtain longevity. He was convinced if he could have a complete blood transfusion from a Kindred, he'd have all the gifts they had.
When charles had kidnapped Tony as a young man, he learned Charles' story. Charles Neveau had been born to older astronomy professor parents. The age difference led to a spoiled genius son. Had Charles been raised like any normal prodigy, the world would have been a better place. Charles developed into a narcissistic psychopath.
The sound of the show pulled all the backstage crew to watch the act. Tony slipped into Lionel's dressing room and hid in the corner near the costume rack. He had plenty of time before Charles would make his move. He already knew the plan. It helped to be able to read minds.
He let his mind wander back to the night he'd held all Charles' memories in his control. The man had no idea the perimeters of Tony's abilities. Tony hadn't been about to let him know either. He'd played Charles to get him to be in the same room with him and then controlled the older man's mind and memories. Then when he and Gary, another Kindred victim, had worked together. They set the place on fire and he'd escaped, Gary had died in the fire. Tony shook his head. That was a different story
Charles' parents had taken him camping when he was nine years old. They had gone out into the Colorado mountains to look at the stars, but found a family of three stranded in the forest. Charles' memories flew like a movie, they'd brought the husband, wife and son into their camp, fed and clothed them as they wore odd clothing.
The memories moved on to the family moving into their home where Charles was told to mentor the young boy. Then came the time when Charles' taunts and bullying caused the boy to retaliate and shot Charles with bolts of energy. The boy had never touched him. Over and over he caused Charles pain, but from a distance. Charles couldn't figure out what was happening to him. Then he found out.
This family was different. Charles and his parents discovered this family were aliens. They'd come here to live in safety only to find the Neveau family could wipe them off the face of the earth. Charles changed his plan. He placated the boy until he manipulated him the help him. When the boy no longer could help him, he killed him and his parents and told his own parents the family found others like themselves and disappeared.
Charles knew there were others out there and he'd spent his life searching for them. Fortunately, Tony discovered, he'd only found those will little Kindred blood and none were able to help him accomplish immortality.
Then Lionel Hines became famous on a TV talent show. He'd come on to the scene as a master illusionist, or was he? Tony knew what he was. He was Kindred.
Clapping and yelling filtered through the hallway and doors. The show was over. Voices and thundering steps approached the door and it flew open.
"That was the best one you've ever done. Lionel I don't know how you did that last act but I was blown away." A pudgy man threw himself on the sagging couch.
Lionel sat at the mirror and began removing his stage makeup. His hand froze mid swipe and his head jerked up. His eyes narrowed and moved back and forth searching the room. Where are you hiding? Lionel's mind demanded.
Tony had no idea who he was talking to even though he could hear the words in his own mind. He remained still.
"Lionel, what's wrong?" The man on the couch sat up on the edge of the cushions looking around the room. "Do you want me to call security?"
"Not yet Cliff."
Tony's mind touched Cliff's mind. He was kindred. Tony sensed his had more power than his friend. Did he know?
Lionel went back to removing makeup but his senses searched the room. Tony had created a forcefield around himself, inhibiting Lionel from finding him.
The knock on the door interrupted the mental search. Mike stuck his head in the room. "Sir, there is man out here who wants to see you. His name is Charles Neveau. He has an offer for you."
Lionel paused for a moment then nodded. The door swung open and Charles entered followed by two bodyguards. The door shut behind them.
Charles strode to Lionel with his hand out and a big smile on his face. "Lionel, you were magnificent. How you accomplished those acts, especially that last one?"
When Charles expected an answer Lionel gave a grimace that may have been a smile. "That is my secret."
Charles laughed too loud and he turned to one of the bodyguards. "Robert? Is that true? Are his acts secret?"
Cliff stood as soon at the visitors entered and moved next to Lionel. He's surreptitiously wove a forcefield around the two. Tony was impressed, it was quite strong. Not that he couldn't break it.
Charles motioned for Robert to move forward. Tony knew who he was. A kindred with an attitude. He'd dealt with him before. The bruiser used his power to get what Charles wanted done.
"He's one of us. He had a forcefield around him." Robert stated.
"Ah, I was right. You're a Kindred. No phoney illusion acts for you. You're the read deal." He leaned forward still smiling at Lionel. "We can deal with that. I have an offer for you." Charles looked for a seat, ignoring the couch. There weren't any other chairs so he stood.
"I know what you want." Lionel answered.
"That's right, you read minds. Then let's cut to the chase. What do you want? I have access to places and promoters that will get you gigs around the world."
Lionel finished his ablutions and turned to face Charles. "You can't buy me. I can make money. I can rob a bank and no one would know how it happened. I can go to Las Vegas and bring down every casino there." His lips lifted in derision. "I don't do it because it would ruin my fun. I bring pleasure to the people. Their love and amazement is like adrenaline in my blood. When you give it away it's returned to you fourfold."
Charles' face turned red. His eyes narrowed and he jerked his head from Robert to Lionel.
Robert stepped in front of Lionel and Cliff. The two jerked as Robert let loose his full power. The room shimmered. Lamps fell and light bulbs burst leaving the room in darkness.
The shimmer glowed lighting the room. Robert changed his tactics and the two recoiled. Their protective field began to unravel under Robert's push and he began to smile as the two struggled to reweave the forcefield.
Tony waited until Robert relaxed thinking he'd won. When he pulled his force back, Tony sent an energy so powerful it knocked Robert backwards into Charles and the two sprawled on the floor.
Robert scrambled to his feet glaring at Lionel and Cliff who gazed at each other in awe. Robert pulled Charles to his feet still facing the two.
"You think you're smart don't you?" He held up his palm toward them, but again, a energy flew at him and he fell backward onto the couch. Charles had moved out of his way and now looked at the two with renewed respect and envy.
"Don't think you're safe. I'll have you when you least expect it. I'll bring others with me."
Tony stepped from the safety of the costumes. "Charles this is one you won't win. Give it up."
Charles saw who stood next to Lionel and Cliff. His lips turned to a sneer. "You can't protect them."
"You can't bring anyone near them that they won't know. You lost this one and if I have my way every other one you and your goons find."
"You won't win!" Charles screamed. The door opened and Mike stood there with security behind him. "Is there a problem Sir?"
"No Mike. I'd appreciate you escorting these two off the premise." Tony spoke.
"Yes, Sir. I didn't see you." He nodded to Tony. The guards moved into the room, but Charles brushed his arm away as he strode out of the room.
Tony turned to Lionel. "Hi, my name is Tony Lebanon."
Lionel stood. You're like me. Thank you for coming to our rescue.
"Yes, I'm a Kindred."
"That's what we are? I never knew. Cliff and I were in the orphanage together. We thought we were freaks."
"Well, that's one term. I've heard a few time." He put his hand on Lionel's shoulder. "I'm going to invite you to Witch Mountain. There are more of us there. It's a safe haven and even satellites don't see us."
"Lionel, we aren't alone." Cliff swiped as a tear leaked down his cheek.
"No, you most definitely aren't alone. I'll have your stuff shipped to a storage in Knoxville. It'll be safe." Tony moved toward the door.
The two didn't move. "I need to change and get the rental car."
"It'll all be taken care of. You won't need all that right now. There are people waiting for you."
"How? We don't have tickets to fly." Cliff's worried expression caused Tony to chuckle.
"Come on." He motioned for the two to follow him. When the three reached the door. A flash of light engulfed them,
When Mike came into the empty room. Not one piece of clothing or makeup remained. He smiled and shut the door.


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