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by K.HBey
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Caroline is amazed by Sicilia during her trip.
The journey in Sicilia

It is very hot today. The thermometer shows 40 degrees when the weather forecast talks about only 30 degrees Celsius. A blazing sun burns the skin to red.

Caroline has a flushing face. She can no more walk within these narrowed paths of Sicilia. She is from North Carolina. She is not accustomed to high temperatures.

Being very hot and out of her breath, she decides to sit down on a chair close to a shop.
A short dark blond man of fifty comes from the shop and asks her, “Are you well Signorina?”
He brings her a cup of freshwater and invites her to enter his shop to get a rest.
She enters when finding an air-conditioner device on. She engulfs three cups of freshwater.

“You can stay for a while,” the man adds.
She takes a brief rest when sipping a frozen mint tea. From the window, a panoramic view dominates the area. Many white and blue houses are assembled. Their roves are domed. A magnificent seashore adds beauty to this landscape.

Caroline thanks the man and rejoins the downtown where she stays in the hotel.
Tonight in the great esplanade, there is a special show. Suddenly the sky is dark. The moon has been erased by a total eclipse. Within the darkness, an ocean's breeze rubs her face and a masked man invites her to dance.

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