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Thinking of things to come for Believers in Christ.
They will come for every Believer.
Every true believer please take note the world will come for you.If you stand for the man from Galilee they will come for you,if you are truly standing for Jesus.
They will come for every Believer that dares to say his name in a public square,everyone that reads His living word that great bible they will come for you.
They will say be quiet we don't want to hear those old stories and hear your antiquated beliefs on God and religion aren't all or most Christians hypocrites and bible thumper's any way.
They will say we are tired of you Christian's hating others who are not like you.Trying to brainwash others and make them more like you.
We know they are coming for every believer that stands for truth so what will you do when they come for you?
Will you run and hide or deny,deny,deny like Peter or be ready to fight like the misguided Paul,with swords and knives?
Will you lovingly and peacefully stand your ground and proclaim His truth?
Oh what will you do when they come for you,will you pray will you cry when they come for you?Believer believe me when I tell you they will come for you.
Natalie Bassett
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