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We all need this!
Come On! People!

We are God's Chosen!

He put us here to tend this blessed land!

Nobody will defeat US as long as we keep TRUSTING GOD!

He made US! He spoke the whole universe into being!

Each and every planet, star, comet, sun has its divine path for its own reason!

We trust the moon will cause the tides to rise and fall.

The seasons will come and go as designed by our Creator!

He stopped the lions jaws from chewing Daniel's flesh and bone!

He favored the Hebrew boys when Pharoah had them thrown into the furnace for not bowing down to him!

Not a hair upon them was singed!

Through the Holy Spirit He put the spotless lamb, the Savior of a sinful world when all hope was lost, inside the undefiled womb of this girl, this virgin! She gave birth to pure Salvation so we, His creation, will have an opportunity to spend Eternity with Him if we only believe!

We cannot earn this free gift. God loves US so much, all he asks is we believe!
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