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A girl learns how to cook potato chips at home with her mom.

The Girl who loved potato chips

Pickie loved eating chips. She liked the crunchy taste and different flavors. Pickie often wondered why they were so crunchy and so good to eat. Sour cream and onion were her favorites. Pickie decided to make her own chips. She asked her mom can we make our own in the kitchen. Pickie and her mom went in the kitchen together. Pickie washes her hands like her mom tells her. She tells her mom here are the potatoes. How many do we need? I would say two large ones. So pickie got the biggest potatoes. What do you think? Good. Then they wash. Them off and grab a knife to peel the potatoes. Pickie let her cut the skin off. Then it was put into a bowl and she set it onto the cutting board to slice them. They were cut into thin slices. Then we put the potatoes back in the bowl and washed them off again. "We have made them crunchy "said pickie. Okay we have to cook them and heat them up. We have to use cooking oil in the pan. So we got a black pan out of the cabinets. Then the oil was poured into the pan. We waited until it was hot. It sizzles as water splashes in it. Ready for next step? Yes! Pickie let her mom pour the potatoes in the pan as it sizzled loudly. Then claps as it started to cook. So she sat nearby as they started to turn golden brown. Then her mom and her walked back into the kitchen. They're ready! Now we get napkins to let the chips cool off on. She drains the chips from the oil onto the napkins. Then they wait. She lets them cool and sprinkles a little salt onto the chips. They were put inside of a bowl and she set them at the table. Here they are ready to eat! Picki smiles and takes a bite out of the potato chip. Mom, these are really good! I love eating potato chips. The end.

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