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Rated: E · Fiction · Family · #2225299
Flash Fiction 6/25/20 W/C 299
Super Hero

“It’s lost. We have to find it.

“Oh great. Where’d you last see it?”

Johnny’s always losing stuff. One time I gave him my lucky shirt. He lost it. Then there were the keys to the storage shed. Gone. We had to pay $50.00 to get into the shed to get our bikes back. And way back when we were really little, he actually lost a kitten. We searched everywhere for it. Finally, after a few months, we found the dried up body under all Johnny’s socks. He has a way of losing everything he touches.

“Um, I think it was in the toy department,” Johnny looked around. We were in WallyWorld. Mom dropped us off while she went to the hair place. We’re supposed to be shopping for a birthday present for dad. Mom gave us money in an envelope. It was in a cart, now lost.

“She’ll kill us, George.” Johnny started to cry. He grabbed a towel off the shelf in linens, wiped his face. “All that money.”

I stuffed the towel in his mouth. “Be quiet, you big baby. This is all your fault.” I thought for a moment. Walked to the toasters. “Okay, let’s go back to toys, look for the cart. Where were you?”

Johnny took out the towel, put it in the paint department. “By the Transformers. Do you think dad would like one for his birthday?”

“No he wouldn’t, knucklehead. He’d like something for fishing, not a toy.”

We got to the toy department, which was surprisingly deserted. Sitting by the Transformers was a cart. In the cart is the envelope mom gave us, all the money still inside.

Johnny ran up to the cart, grabbed the envelope.

“The Transformers guarded the money, George!”

“Sure, and I’m Superman.” And Johnny’s hero.

W/C 299

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