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The reality of our heroes.
Every true hero has their own reality;
a world different from the common
world of us mortals.  They live
twice, safe, inner-dimensional
beings of both worlds who
inhale a varied fragrance,
taste the sweet nectar
of environments
and feel
heroes long to
feel, the slapdash
electric zap that passes
the mundane, those items
inaccessible to Village Bowling.
Superman mocks Batman’s Robin;
Spiderman has his own cool web
site; Aqua-Man makes a splash, 
yet can survive desert storms.
Guitar heroes live vicariously
from a neighborhood bar’s
old juke box, or else from
the technology updated:
that Internet Jukebox.
Every Hero’s life matters.
Yet they cannot be a hero
without someone declaring
them so.  The Lone Ranger,
Underdog, a nurse working
tirelessly, (masked), so put
upon.  Two realities often
meet, and then we see
heroes more clearly;
sparkling eyes, lines
in their cheeks.  And
each true hero lives
twice, but dies
only once.

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