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by Logan
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When you're shooting for the moon, never lose sight of the stars

In a sky so full of thunder,
the stars go out tonight
My mind, it starts to wonder,
how often runes fall right?

With hearts inset, the mind begets,
past diamonds, so flawed
A life beset, in claws, regret,
the gemstones that we hoard

Judging every jewel,
jackets dusty on their sleeves
Down fault lines few can travel,
down fracture points, hearts cleave

Gems of many facets,
overthought and overlooked
A myriad of fractures,
overwrought and overcooked

A mind beset by unseen threats,
imagined... plenty more;
with past regrets, and measured debts,
in carats, twenty-four

Jewels found that force us, spanned,
refracted light, it sways
Where starcharts map our courses planned,
with stops along the way

Steps we took to make amends,
moves scattered 'tween the scars
We mine the sky for diamonds
... we scour earth for stars

In gilded bars, the mind forgets,
we see the the stones we lack;
when stars align like jewels set
... into a canvas, black

a backdrop dark, the light defies,
with stars too hot, too bright
A voyage into barren skies,
for stars to hang tonight

Knocked from out their orbits, fell,
for reasons vague, unknown
Pride held where their heart sits, tell,
tripped, fallen from their throne

for sins unknown, imagined, felt,
we chart the path we plot
The things we're shown, by gaslight, melt,
working through our lot

Ploughing furrows in the dark,
bulbs planted, hope they light
Praying narrow chances spark,
... reap what we sow tonight

To light the dark, ignite the sky,
to set the black ablaze
A contrast stark, the night excites
the fabric of our maze

Hanging in the pitchest night,
just begging stars to burn
Diamonds spun in the light,
as facets twist and turn

so when the thunder starts to climb,
and minds, they start to roam
Cherish when those stars align,
... make the runes your own
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