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A small section from my work in progress. Meet Winter and Reece.
Always in the back of my mind. The color of emeralds on fire but not quite fire. Something more fluid. A jade stone nebula with scorched honey swirling around its epicenter, flecks of gold dancing like embers from a fire reaching up to kiss the moon. I giggle at something you say. Your skin calls out to mine and I cannot resist. Delicately placing my hand on your arm. Our eyes meet and the moment slows as everything around us blurs. For a tiny little infinity, the world falls away and two of us meld together like sparks from the same flame finally colliding and starting a wildfire. A collective sigh is shared through our one soul. But as our tiny infinity implodes and everything around us comes back into existence, the twitch I feel in my being comes creeping back up like vines wrapping invisibly around my spirit. Always in the back of my mind. Always wishing infinity was a little longer.

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