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A usurper who wants equal billing

Jack stood off to one side as the auditorium filled with employees summoned for the meeting. None of them had any idea why the meeting had been called. One corner of his lip lifted to a sneer. They'd soon find out. He leaned against the pillar and watched their confused and worried expressions.
The stage looked as it usually did. The throne with all its grandeur filled the space and a similar throne but two slightly smaller versions sat next to it.
Jack glanced back to the wings of the stage. He'd commissioned an exact replica of the chair to be made and brought today. He knew is wasn't a secret, nothing was a secret from the King.
A thunderous crash sounded and the King entered the auditorium followed by his son. They sat in their proper chairs facing the audience.
"Welcome everyone. You have been called here to observe the discussion of Jack." He swung his hand toward the man who'd stepped onto the stage. "Who has called for this meeting. Jack the stage is yours."
Jack's confidence flowed through him. The front seats had been commandeered by his followers. The others had been pushed to the rear of the room. They clapped and cheered as he took his place in the middle of the stage.
"Thank you for coming. This meeting before the King and his son is to inform everyone that a new son will be taking his place next to the King." Cheers, whistles and calls erupted from the front of the room.
"I have made it known that I am equal to the son. I have all the same gifts and powers he has. Over the last few hundred years, I've emassed a following that equals both the King and his son, Therefore I have set my place on the stage today." He snapped his fingers and from the side of the stage the third throned moved to its place next to the King.
Gasps from the onlookers filled the room. Voices rolled forward in dissent. Fists were raised and Jack saw Michael and Gideon move to the stage. Jack's men also moved to the stage on the opposite side. A standoff.
The King's countenance became sad. When Jack moved to take his place on the empty throne. He held up his hand and in a booming voice "Halt, There needs to be a discussion. & You may state your intention, but you don't have any right to set yourself up as a son. Go ahead a state your case." The King looked at the vacant throne for a moment then at Jack and nodded.
"I don't see why I need to discuss this. What does that son have that I don't have? What can he do that I cannot? I have every right to sit next to you as an equal." Jack took two steps closer to his throne. He got no further.
"You will not sit here!" The voice of the King thundered. The throne disappeared. They now stood on a hill outside the city. Four of them standing alone, no army ready to intervene.
"Jack your time with us has ended." The King announced.
"What?! How can you do this? You can't do this. I have every right to take my place with you all." Jack stomped his foot causing the ground to shudder. "I will destroy all this and rebuild it. I have an army that will come against all of you." Behind them men and woman filled the area, divided on either side of the hill.
The King turned his head to see the millions of inhabitants ready to fight. His face lost all expression. "I will give you a place." The ground rent in two and opened parting the King, his son and His spiritual leader. Jack and his army remained on the opposite side. Heat, tongues of fire rose from the inferno. "Here will be your domain. You may come and go within it as you will."
"I cannot. There is nothing there. I need the right to gather others to follow me. You have these that are created to serve you and only you. Yet I have turned them to serve me. I have the power to do so."
The King paused looking a both sides. "In that you are right. I want a people who follow me because they love me and want to serve me. I will give them all they need if they ask. In order to have choice there must be something to choose. I will make a place, and populate it with people who have a free will to chose. You will not be able to force them to make a choice for you. Nor can you take a soul without my consent. You will have free reign on this place I will call earth, that is within a limited time frame."
"How much time?"
"I and only I will have that day and hour. After that you will be remanded to this place with those souls who chose to share it with you."
A flash of light blinded everyone for a moment and Jack found himself in a place of burning fire along with his army. They writhed in pain, but did not die. He felt isolated. No more did he have love and the Spirit of the King within him. Anger and hatred grew. "I will win! I will take as many souls from your earth so none will worship you!" He shouted across the great divide to the King who walked away in the glory of the day.

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