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everytin seems perfect until an hidden secret came out
Episode 1
i watched in horror as a girl was fling to a locker,blood dripin out of nose,a girl with blue hair came forward and started hittin her violently
all the student screamed with excitement and chanted the same words
throw her down,throw her down
as she was about to throw her down a voice shouted
stop,they all turned to at me
oh no,the girl with blue hair walked towards me and i shifted back,i havent seen you here b4,am a new student i replied in fear
well darlin i will only say this once,the next time you interfere in the business i will make you pay you feel me,ye-yes
good,and welcome to hell with this she left the hall with her girls
i heaved a sign of relieve and saw that all the student were glarin at me angrily,maybe its because i ruined their free show,animals
what a nice way to start school summer

sorry guys that its short but this is the amount my phone is lettin me write
i hope you enjoyed it
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