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The Sequel to my Book Of Life Book Of Shadows published in 2006.This is a work in progress
The Book of Life Chapter 1 "Return To Earth"

Hello dear, I am so glad to finally meet you and I'm so sorry to have to write this story to you because the emotions inside are just overwhelming! I understand that you don't know me but I know you very dearly! I have seen your soul, your happiness the sadness you keep bottled up inside I know everything about you and that is why I am here for you as you read our story! This may seem like an ordinary book but it's not. It's a very special one where I can see you as you are reading but don't be alarmed, because I'm standing right behind you; Look behind your shoulder if you dare, it's ok, we're family so don't be afraid! Do you feel my presence, I feel yours and I am humbled at this moment to share my life with you even if it is just for a second to have contact with another special human being!

By the way I suppose I should tell you that I have a very strange sense of humor that I inherited from a very loving and trusting teacher of mine named Isis! It's kind of ironic because Isis is a very loving girl that is wise beyond her years and has 2 other sisters that I truly adore and love with all my heart as well. They are witches that have special gifts and are very powerful indeed, yet they are innocent, pure and it is that innocence that will capture your heart and inspire you to make a difference with your life just by being in their presence! Oh, how I can't wait for you to meet them!

By the way, before I continue, I suppose I should tell you that I'm a witch too, I'm very powerful and have many gifts and talents as well! That is why I can see you read our Book of Shadows, since it's enchanted. Yes, I cast a spell, to have contact with you through our family book because I need your help, and I promise to be by your side when you choose to join our family of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust!

I know this story just started but I must ask a favor before I can allow you to see the deepest darkest secrets of our past, present and future. I don't mean to pressure you, but I must ask you an important question before I can allow you to continue, are you ready? I'm still standing behind you and by now I am wondering if you think the book you are reading is real or fiction? Are you really reading a book by yourself or am I really with you right now, that is the beauty of magic: You never know what is real or make believe and the strongest magic I have ever known does not tremble the Earth, or make others bow down to you. It is the magic of a smile, a gentle touch, a heartbeat, a kind word, an acknowledgement, that you are Human and you are special! If you don't mind, Look up for a moment so that I can gauze into your very soul, to acknowledge your humanity and beauty!

This love of ours has been the way of our family for billions of years before and billions of years to come! We have no religion for we are sacred creatures, but we do not judge those that have a Divine presence in their life since that is the beauty of religion itself! To have Divine guidance, to become a better person, to accept and love the ones that are different than you even if they have a completely differently faith than you; That is the religion I treasure the most and one I pray for so dearly! I'm sorry for stalling my dear, but I must ask that difficult question I been avoiding until now! Will you join our family?

Please understand that you do not have to be a witch to join our coven, but in order for us to help you we need you in our family and the love we have for you will never die! I have to warn you that there are people that say I'm a cult leader that uses my charm and kindness to join our family but my intention for you is strictly pure and I only want the best for you because I love you! You see, in our family, there are no secrets amongst us, and the love we have for you will never die, for we will love you with all our hearts, even beyond time itself! You'll never have to be alone again, and you never have to worry, for we will always have your back my love!

If you wish to continue reading our story, please understand you are accepting our terms of love and family-ship. "Let it be known to the world that my dear loved one who is reading our sacred book has agreed to join our family if they read past the line below!" My dearest sister Astrea wants to say something to you as you read our stoty which will soon be your story too! "Choose wisely my love, we will be waiting for you on the other side!" You'll absolutely love your new sister Astraea! She will make you feel like family and has so much to share with you, she truly is an Angel!

I know it is hard to trust us and it is even harder for me to trust you, but I have faith in you! That's why I told you about my cult reputation by people who are afraid of me or perhaps they just don't understand who I really am? At any rate, I want you to know that even though this is written as a fictitious book, most of it is real and you are really having contact with Witches. There are actual spells and incantations in this book to help you realize your sacred beautiful self as well as learning about the forces of life that are around you. I know everything is moving so fast but the first spell I have for you is a contact spell so that we can become a family through the symbols I'm placing in this book for you to touch. As you place your right and left index fingers on the symbols below, I am placing mine on the same symbols you are. Understand that as we chant the sacred words below, we are acknowledging ourselves as family to the cosmos and beyond! I put a spell in this book so that we can have contact through the (((o))) symbols below. Don't worry you are not alone, I'm right here with you and I promise to keep you safe!

I made a commitment to you, because I believe in you and will place my life in your hands by placing my fingers on the symbols below the same time you will place yours if you decide to join our family. I know our time is different my love, I am writing to you from the past, you are from my future but when we place our fingers on the symbols below our time will merge and we will be finally be together even if it is just for a moment. A blink of an eye is timeless when you can share it with the one you love!

I know it is hard to make a decision so quickly but If you agree to the terms; Place both of your index fingers from your right and left hand on the (((o))) symbols below the line and repeat the chant 3 times to seal our fate! Once you cross this line there is no turning back my love! I'll see you on the other side! If you choose to be with our family for eternity!

------------------------------------Point of No Return---------------------------------------

(((o))) <---left index finger right index finger -->(((o)))

'The journey we had so far so true"

"Has brought us close from out of the blue"

"For life is destined we met this way"

"I hex these words to join our day"

"For though we are Worlds apart"

"I'll always have you in my heart"

Hello my love, I am Aries, the King of Fire, passion and justice! "Family as it has been for the billions of years before and the billions of years to come let us welcome our dear reader to our family for eternity! My love, thanks for joining our family, my life is in your hands!" My dearest sister Astrea, my breath of life, the princess of Air intuition and innocence, has something she wants to whisper to you. She is the youngest of the group and the rightful owner of the Book of Life you are reading. "I know we just met, but I feel like I've known you all my life, I have seen you in my dreams, thanks for coming home to us, my life is in your hands!" Aphrodite, our Queen of the seas, the protector of love and family, my dearest sister that I love for all eternity, has something for you as well! "Oh, my love, you found us and now we found you, thanks for believing in us, we won't let you down, my life is in your hands!" Did you feel her lightly kiss your forehead? She is the Goddess of love you know and that is why I love her so dearly! Finally, there is Isis, the mother of our group, the very symbol of Earth and Nature; Our royal Queen you are about to meet has a special message for you as well my dear! "I know this is kind of confusing and maybe a little overwhelming for you to take in, but you're with family now and I am so thankful to have you with us! My life is in your hands!"

Wow I can't believe you are really with us! You are in our inner circle now and I can finally tell you our story! There is so much to tell, but I'll start with our naughty tree incident first and why we need your help! In our first story a naughty tree that happens to live in my front yard helped a demon enter our world to steal the book of life from the Christian God that was given to Astraea to protect. That set off a chain of events that led to the Rapture in 2008 and Satan's entrance in our world to establish his kingdom over the humans that were left. On December 24, of 2011 I battled his demon servant Jezebel and returned the book back to Astraea the true rightful owner of the book. When I did, everything returned back to normal as if nothing happened, and the world government, the Rapture, and the epic battle between good and evil never occurred even to this date! Nobody in the world knew exactly what happened except us, so I guess we weren't hereos after all, but that is ok, because we didn't do it for the fame, or fortune, we did it for Love!

I know it is alot to take in and I am so sorry for all the complexity my love but we are a family and there are no secrets between us. You will know everything we know, and you will be loved by us for eternity! The spell and bond we just performed is a binding contract that can't be broken, but fear not for we entered it willingly and lovingly as we chanted the words to seal our fate with you!

There are some things you need to know about our book you are reading that I must tell you now! You are in danger, that is why we have to conceal your identity: Your age, your race, and your gender in this story will not be revealed to other readers for your protection. Especially since the demon escaped from my tree while the girls and I were playing our favorite game "You'll never find me!" Its a fun game that is similar to hide and seek and the last one yelling that phrase is the fool that has to look for the ones who ran away! We were having a family picnic in my front yard and right after I finished the last morsel of food on my plate Aphrodite quickly rose up and said "You'll never find me!" and ran off as fast as she could, Isis was next and proudly said "Aphrodite is going to hide in the middle of the pond Aries, go get her, as for me Ha! You'll never find me!" and ran off into the woods faster than Aphrodite did! I protested to Isis "Hey how do you know I am going to be looking for you? Astraea did not beat me saying the magick words yet!" I was laughing as hard as I could because the girls knew I was going to be It They have a perfect record at beating me in all the games we play, but not this time! I quickly began to say the words to make Astraea the one who would have to search for us, but seeing her batting her pretty little eyelashes and sad smile it momentarily stunned me and I quickly asked her "Is everything alright Astraea?" Her sad smile turned wicked and said "Yes my love everything is better since you forgot to say You'll never find me!" she took off like a deer, laughing hysterically at catching me off guard, and I was the one left holding the bag once again ha ha! You see in our game the last one to say you'll never find me is the fool that has to look for the other ones that beat you to saying those magick words! I was laughing my head off and wasn't concerned about finding them. Yes they were incredibly fast, but they were very terrible at hiding in this game since they were always too happy and always laughing away, especially as I neared their hiding place! I heard Astraea's hysterical laugh first, she was hiding in a clearing behind a lone tree just beyond the thick brush my large property is on. I was trying to be quiet, but the leaves I was crunching on, not to mention the large smooth rock I stumbled on, and the loud laughing I was making, made it impossible to sneak up on my little hiding princess! Laughing with all my might I jumped out of the brushes into the clearing and yelled in the most sincere way I could "BOO!" Astraea was laughing so hard I thought she was going to choke but she was no where's near this area and I was puzzled. I cautiously approached the tree and found that there was a very pretty shinny apple laying on the ground with some writing on it. I went over to the apple and picked it up to read what was written on it laying down so innocently by the lone Tree on my home's property! The front of the apple had two words on it "I'm Back" Hmm, very odd, I had a lost look on my face as I was scratching my head and turned the apple around. On the other side of the apple I found that there was more writing on it which read. "World Plague will kill you all!" I dropped the apple and for the first time since October 31st, of 2006 I let out a hurtful scary cry "UGH!"

He's back and he got away! Threatening to release some type of plague in our world and it was our duty to stop him! Our life has been very strange since that faithful Samhain/Halloween day of 2006. When I escaped from the police and ran into my room to enter our sacred circle of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. I was reunited with my family girls who transformed back to teenagers and we stopped aging for over 13 years now wow! The police and the neighborhood thought I kidnapped the girls and that is how I got my cult leader reputation, but they could never find us because we were hidden inside the magic bubble that protected my property from intrusion. We were invisible to everyone that tried to find us and we stopped existing in the real world until now!

The demon broke our spell of protection and now we are visible to the world once again! I feel so bad for my sisters because they never had the opportunity to age, Astraea remained 16 years old while Isis and Aphrodite remained 17 for over 13 years! They should be in their late 20's by now but they are still teenagers! That was the one thing I really regretted, the girls never had a chance to live a normal life! They never had a chance to finish school, go to the prom or live like normal kids because of the circumstances they had to go through before they met me on that faithful night! When I first saw them I didn't know if they were Humans or Angels because they were wise beyond their years and so full of love that I never seen before! Later on I found out their story which made me love them even more! These girls have been through so much in their life, but the love they have for eachother and the people they meet is what gives them the strength to have hope for our ailing world that is falling apart!

There's more to their story but for now I will save it for the counselor you will meet later on at Juanita High School in Washington State my girls will attend. You see after a quick hurried discussion we knew that the girls had to leave our home located in San Antonio Texas and move to Kirkland Washington since we were visible to the world again! I chose the city of Kirkland for the girls to live in because my vision suggested that something terrible was about to happen there and only the girls could help that beautiful magestic town from the terrible fate that awaits them.

It was the sacred day of Lughnasadh August 1st of 2019 when we were celebrating our first harvest of the year by breaking bread, playing games and living our life to the fullest in honor of our 1st harvest for the year! That is when Isis saw the demon sprint out of the tree while I was picking up the apple to read what it said. Then something strange happened. That darn nosey lady jogger that always runs by our home suddenly stopped and looked at us while the demon ran passed her. she shrieked with fear and ran away as fast as she could from us while Isis said in her cutest voice "Sorry for scaring you, I'll comb my hair later girlfriend!" I just love Isis to death, she really has a sense of humor that lightens even the most dire of circumstances but in this case we knew people can see us now!

I never thought it would happen but we are back here in this world and I had to get the girls out of here as fast as possible. I was in the process of sending my loves to Washington State when you showed up by somehow reading our book and coming into our life! I'm so glad you are here though, and I am so honored you joined our family, but I have some bad news to tell you. I can't go with you to Washington. I have to stay behind to protect our home from malicious entities that wants to enter our world through the portal on my property and to offer a cover story for my girls to escape to Washington! Go with my girls, keep them safe and keep reading our sacred book my love! Our life is in your hands!

Chapter 2 The Book Of Life "A New Beginning"

"We travel as one till our journey is done" We Travel as one till our journey is done" We travel as one till our journey is done! Welcome Sunshine! we made it to Seattle! I guess you are wondering how you are in Seattle with us now but don't worry we have your back! I am Isis the mother of the group even though I"m only 17 years old, and that is my religious nickname you can call me by. I will always be here for you my love, in your dreams, when you are awake and when you are lonely. Just call on us and we will be there for you spiritually day or night! We will come to you in your dreams even when you are sleeping to comfort you when you need us!"

"Well as Isis said we all have nicknames to protect our identity so you can call us by our names! We came up with a religous nickname for you too since you are part of our family now and decided to call you "Sunshine" because you brighten our hearts and give us joy just by being with us! I know we don't talk like normal teenagers but we never were normal to begin with haha, and that is why we are a special family. I am Astraea by the way, and I am so glad you are here with us my love! We ended up in a foster care system in Seattle and being transferred to a childless couple in their 40's that's going to adopt us. They live in Kirkland where we need to be and while we are there, we're going to try and give them the love they so desperately need, Aphrodite wants to say something to you"

"Hi Sunshine, Hi beautiful! I am your sister Goddess of Love and I promise to help you out in any way I can! If you ever need love advice, I'm the girl you need to talk to! I'm here for you and can't wait for all the trouble we are going to get into for the sake of love! Get ready for the ride of your life because our new Mom and Dad just arrived to pick us up, love you!"

"Who are you talking to dear?" our new mother asked "Oh just my invisible friend Sunshine!" Aphrodite said while winking at you. Oh this poor couple just don't know the trouble they are getting themselves into lol!

Everything seems to be working out as planned, Philip ShadowFire/Aries found this amazing couple that needed children in their life to care for and we flew here as fast as we could to seal the deal! ;) "When Isis said flew, she meant through broomstick, it is the only way to fly!" Astraea said with a smile!

We used a little magick to make everyone around us believe we are from broken famlies to be adopted and all the governmental paperwork was mysteriously filled so we can start our new lives the best way we know how, with mischief and fun, while we search for that darn runaway tree to find out why He choose 2019 as the year to attack humanity?

As we were driving with our new mom and new dad to our new home and our new life, wow everything is new, she tried her best to break the ice and make us feel comfortable "I know this must be really hard for you girls, but just know that we're here for you and will try to make you feel at home!" Astraea replied "Thanks mom, we really appreciate all you're doing for us it really means alot to our family!" Mom replied "Oh that is so touching Astraea, thanks! It's nice to be called mom and you can call me that anyttime, but it's ok to call me by my name if you don't feel comfortable to call me mom yet." Isis then responded "Sorry mom, but for your own protection we have to call you our mother so that your name can remain anonymous and safe from the dark forces that are following us!" Poor mom and dad just looked at eachother wondering what did they just get themselves into!

Well the next couples of days our parents took us all over the place and it was amazing! There are so many beautiful areas in Kirkland such as the Bridle trails state park that has such majestic trees and trails to walk on. This park was made for Isis since she is the element of Mother, Earth, and Moon. Oh, Sunshine, our parents were really trying to reach out to us and knew us well from our files I suppose! They really knew how to spoil us since they they took us to areas our elements are from. After our Earth forest visit for Isis, they took us to Juanita Beach park, the following weekend for Aphrodite, which happens to be her weakness, WATER! That is her birth element after all and she just loves being in the water every chance she gets! When ShadowFire told her about the legendary mermaid named Sirena in Guam that he met, Aphrodite joked that was her sister he were talking about. Finally for Astraea they took her to Theodore Jacobson Observatory in nearby Seattle, because Astraea's name comes from the Goddess of Greek Mythology which translates to Star Maiden or Starry Night! Astraea is certainly a star and an Angel too! Oh I don't know if you truly seen the stars at night, but if you get a chance, look up at the Heavens my dear and be amazed how it blends in with your very soul! Yes Sunshine, we really aren't normal teenagers!

"It was nice getting adjusted to "Normal" family life but it was challenging. I mean really, I'm Isis, Goddess of Moon and Earth and I have a curfew to be home by 10pm? I battled demons, fed armies, and known to perform Rituals in the dead of night, so It was a little interesting to see this strange custom imposed on children my dear! By the way, did you have a curfew when you were young too, Sunshine? Just wondering, I suppose it is only natural for parents wanting to protect their young!" Aphrodite chipped in the conversation "Hey they said we had to be home by 10pm but that doesn't mean we can't dance outside naked under the full moon at midnight if we want to as long as we are safe at home!" Aphrodite said while winking at you! "I think my new parents are cute, I believe I'm going to adopt them so I can look after them when they grow up" Astraea joked while adding her two cents in.
"Well Sunshine try to get some sleep if you can, for tomorrow we will start your training to see exactly why you are so special and beautiful to the world that is graced by your presence. Good night, sweet dreams my love!" xoxo Aphrodite!

The next morning you are awakening by the smell of Lumpias that Isis cooked for the family. It is a special egg roll dish that originated from the Philippine Islands, but was modified by the Chamarro tribe from Guam and is a favorite staple of food to eat. Mom complimented Isis about her cooking skills "Wow Isis this is a wondeful breakfast where did you learn to make it?" Isis responded with a smile "Oh, this recipe was handed down to ShadowFire when he lived in Guam and he was nice enough to share it with me, I'm so glad you like it mom!" Dad had to hurry to work but quickly asked Astraea what he overheard "Wait a minute? Isn't ShadowFire the one that kidnapped you back in San Antonio?" "Not really, we kind of kidnapped him, because he was soul sick and needed to be saved!" Aphrodite said with a smile while mom was giving dad the stare that his question might be a little too early and too sensitive to ask, so he changed the subject and asked the girls "So what do you have planned for today?" Astarea replied to his question by saying "Oh nothing much, we are just going to spend the day with Sunshine and teach our beloved family member the meaning of life through rituals and spells!" Don't you just love dads, they always seem to ask the wrong question at the wrong time! "Wait a minute? Is Sunshine your invisible friend you wrote about in your diary and is Sunshine a boy or girl?" Astraea responded "Well Sunshine is a real person reading our book right now as we speak, but if you want to know if Sunshine is a boy or girl? That is the right question to ask dad" and the girls laughed while mom gave him that look to let him know his questions are a little too soon to ask haha! See Sunshine, you're fitting in our family just fine, everyone seems to think you are as weird as we are and they haven't even seen you yet! ;)

When breakfast was over Isis wanted to let you know something about today's plans: "Astraea wrote you a note about your training today and she really hopes it helps you understand what we are all about" Isis said "Here's the note for you!"
Oh Sunshine we are so sorry that we have such little time to be with you before you have to battle the demon that is after you, but know this. You don't have to face that demon alone because we are a family for eternity my love! Right now you are a mere mortal, but we are going to give you Supernatural powers you never knew existed until now. For the first time in your life you are going to have the honor of meeting a sacred Human Being that has been following you your entir life. It's beauty is absolutely breathtaking, It's innocence is pure, it's love is unmeasurable and it's presence will change how you will see the world forever! Since this being is Sacred, you won't be able to directly see it with your eyes, you are going to need a mirror in order to see the beauty that will be standing beside you my love!

If you can, take a small break from reading so that you can find a mirror to stare into and be amazed at what you see! We are going to play with a little magick, create a spell, and be amazed when that beautiful soul returns your stare in the mirror. When you are ready and have the mirror in hand, come back and Aphrodite will guide you to the mirror spell to open your spiritual eyes to the Sacred Realm we are from. Love you Sunshine and see you later! Signed Astrea.,

"Hi Sunshine so glad to see you my love! I see you forgot to get your mirror so I will wait for you get one haha! It's ok hun, no hurry, I am a very patient woman so I will whistle while you scramble to get that mirror so we can start our next lesson of wonder and enchantment! Are you ready my love? You know I can see if you have the mirror or not lol, and if you don't have it with you, I will be in your dreams tonight to show you what you missed out on, xoxo, before we begin, make sure you are in a quiet place with no distractions. When we enter a sacred space we need to have peace and love in our heart and if we mess up during this Sacred ceremony, Laughter is requred my dear, so get ready to laugh, because we are going to mess up our sacred time together, since distractions and chaos will always around us my love!" ;)

"Ok the spell we are working on is a very unique one, because we aren't using any incantations or chants, or scripts of any kind. We are simply going to travel to the sacred realm by leaving everything behind us as we travel to the world of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust! It's just you and me now in the entire cosmos, the entire Universe! If you need to, hold my hand and look deep into my eyes darling! I'm here for you and will keep you safe! Are you ready to meet that beautiful sacred being approaching us? Stop for a moment and get the mirror ready but don't look into it yet my love! Listen to my soft soothing voice as I guide you to your destiny! Slowly close your eyes and think of happy thoughts as my sacred friend approaches your mirror! While your eyes are closed, try to imagine what you will look like when you stare into the mirror and see your reflection for the first time, my love! What will you see? Will you be smiling? Is there going to be a serious look on your face? Will there be a look of utter amazement on your face as you see that perfection staring back at you in your reflection? I can't wait to find out with you! Slowly open your eyes and look into the mirror! Wow! Do you see what I see? I see you and you are beautiful! You are the sacred creation I wanted for you to meet! I know you have looked at yourself in the mirror a million times before, but never like this. Because for the first time in your life you see what I see in you! Sacred perfection! This is the mirror spell that Shadowfire gave me and now it is yours! It will be in every mirror you will ever see and it is very powerful. Now that you know the sacred creation that you truly are, go back to any mirror and say those magic words "I'm beautiful!" The mirror never lies, just look into your reflection and you will see the truth! If you need help, or have a question, or if you are sad or need encouragement; your beautiful soul will comfort you, guide you, teach you, to do the right thing in your life and that is why it is as precious as you are my love!" This is the mirror spell and now it is yours! Use it wisely and it will never let you down!" I'm sending you back to Earth now, but never forget that beautiful person you saw in your mirror today because that beautiful person is you! Rest now and I'll see you later!" As you drift into sleep you feel a soft kiss on your forehead from a sister that loves you dearly!

When you wake up from your rest, you hear a sweet, soft, Angelic voice that soothingly says "Sunshine! You're awake!" That sweet voice belongs to Astraea who will help you with your next lesson! "Isn't Aphrodite the coolest sister you could ever have? I see that she kissed you with her red ruby lipstick on your forehead while you were sleeping! She really is a good friend to have and has many gifts to share with you. Whenever she kisses someone with her red ruby lipstick, she leaves part of her soul with them for love and protection. That is her unselfish gift to the world and one I'm most proud of. The mirror gift she gave you will stay with you for life and tonight after reading our book, you will dream of what you saw! You really are a beautiful person my love, it's just going to take some time for you to realize how special and beautiful you are, but until you realize that, we are here for you! I know that I am a virgin star maiden that is a child of the night, but since it is afternoon I want to introduce you to the life force that is around you and why it is so important to understand the sacred world you live in. Let me take you outside to meet that wonderful world out there that is waiting for you to enjoy!"

"Give me you hand so I can hold it close to my heart and slowly close your eyes my love. I'm going to take you outside to meet the life force that is around you everyday. Aphrodite focused on your inner beauty, now I'm going to focus on your outter beauty and how you fit into this wonderful world of ours! By the element of Air and Intuition I am magically transporting you to the outside world with me and be ready for the ride of your life!"

"Keep your eyes closed, do you hear the people in the background as they are talking and walking by us? How about the birds that are chirping nearby, and the wind that is singing it's sweet melody just for you to enjoy? You see even when we are by ourselves we are never alone, because the life force is always flowing around us! Slowly open your eyes and look around you my love! Do you see what I see? This world is so beautiful, from the sky above to the Earth below this miracle of life is flowing all around you and it is flowing for a reason! It is flowing just for you to enjoy because you are as beautiful as the world that is around you! This entire cosmos was created by our Divine above to show that this sacred world is part of your sacred self! People forgot the ways of the old and there are so many distractions to make us spiritually dead, but if you can see how much you are loved by the Divine, you will never have to feel alone again! That is what is written in our book of life. It is the way of the witch to remember our sacred self, the beauty that is around us, within us, and the connection we have with one another! It is this family bond that makes us complete! Everytime you see the beauty of the world around you, let it remind you of the beauty that is inside of you as well! I have to leave you now sis, but Isis wants to talk to you next, go to her my love and see you later!"

Hi Sunshine, I know it is a little past our curfew but time flies when you are having fun and practicing magick! Sorry we are so intense but we have such little time with you and need to prepare you for your battle with the demon that will find you soon! Aphrodite has shown you your inner beauty, Astraea has shown you your outter beauty and the life forces that are flowing around you. I am going to show you how to use the forces of nature to be one with your surroundings. It's the coolest magick of all, because you can bend the forces of nature to make a positive change, not only for yourself but for the people around you. We harm none, and we love all, that is our way, and that is our life!

You're just in time because I'm going to use a spell to communicate with ShadowFire from afar. I'm using Moon Magick to connect with him through the moon! The amazing thing about this ritual is that you can have contact with any of your loved ones simply by looking at the full moon and having them look at it too! Even if they are over a thousand miles away you can still have that connection with them because you two are looking at the same sacred object at the same time! ShadowFire used this ritual many times to send his love to his Sister Linda, to pray for her safety and happiness and to let her know that he hasn't forgotten about her even though they are so far away from each other. It is a beautiful gift to have and I hope by sharing it with you it can help you keep in contact with your family too!

Let us begin shall we? I already cast the circle and called upon the sacred elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to keep our sacred realm pure. This church that we temporairly made is sacred ground where we are protected and loved. If you can, look up into our midnight sky and see our beautiful sister moon directly above us! I feel ShadowFires presence because he is looking at the moon right now as we speak. Are you ready to help me contact him? Lets start the spell by chanting it 3 times as we look into the sky and connect to our brother!

"Sister Moon Of The Earth"

"Hear My Spell For All It's Worth"

"My Loved One's Far I Need Them Near"

"Send My Message With Good Cheer"

"My Love For Them Shines So Bright"

"Return That Love With Your Waxing Light"

"So That We May See The Love We Share"

"Is Joined As One With The Light You Bare"

Brother, I love you! I miss you and so glad to have this moment with you, take care, Goddess bless and see you soon my love! Well Sunshine, this is one of many ways you can use magick to keep in touch with your loved ones! You know we could have just used a cell phone to call each other up haha, but what is the fun in that? This way is so much better and magical! I'll take magick over technology any day or night for that matter! ;)

Well I guess we should sneak back in the house before our new parents catch us outside, but as Aphrodite said earlier, we are safe at home so technically we didn't break curfew!" Before we go inside though, there is one more thing I need to tell you. Remember when you were with Astraea earlier today and she took you outside to show you the life forces that are around you. Isn't it amazing how you can sit still and see all the people walking by you and if you are really intituitive like Astraea is, you can burn right through the souls of the people that are around you! Like that girl that walked right past you two as you were sitting on the bench in the park. She didn't even notice you two but Astraea felt her pain! She is soul sick and she needs our help! The demon is trying to possess her which is making her angry and hateful to everyone that is around her and we are going to meet with her soon in school. Her fate on whether she lives or dies is going to be determined how well we handle her when we meet her in school! let's be careful with her and keep her safe if we can. Her name by the way is Lucy and she is going to give us problems!" See you love, now lets sneak back in the house and help me be quiet! By the way, do you know how lucky you are? You're invisible to our parents but I have to sneak back in my room without them noticing me! ;)

Chapter 3 Miss Counselor!

Last nigh'ts ritual with Isis took place on the Full moon night of August 15 and she was so honored to have you with her during her Sacred moment, but then again every succulent breath that Isis take is a sacred moment indeed! Everything went well since Isis snuck back in undetected by her parents and went upstairs to her room to get some much needed rest! She really should have been a cat burglar though, since she is so quiet and can sneak in any place without being seen or so she thought?

Mom was watching her out the window the whole time she was with you, and when she finally saw her new daughter come inside, she whispered to her husband. "Do you think she will be ok?" Her poor husband so tired from work slowly opened one eye and quietly said "Yes!" while comforting his wife to sleep. Isis is a powerful Queen from Egypt, she has magick that is unbelievable, but parents have magic too! They just can't seem to sleep until they know you are safely inside a loving home with them.

Well the next couple of long summer days went well for your new family. They got to spend time with each other and got a feel for their new home! On one sunny afternoon day Astraea was spending some time with her mother in their back yard when she suddenly told her to "Wait for it!" The wind was absolutely still oustisde when suddenly out of nowhere a strong cool breeze came to her mother's amazement. Astraea gave her mother a hug and smiled while saying "Magick!" "But how did you know the wind was coming Astraea?" "Well I'm the element of Air mom, and our Earth wanted to blow a kiss for you because you're special!" Yes those summer days were treasured the most by mom and why she loves her new family so much!"

There's an old saying though "There's always a little bitter with the sweet!" and they did get a little bitter news from their court ordered social worker that the school's counselor wanted to meet the girls before they are allowed to register for the upcoming school year. This counselor had a reputation for being burned out by hearing so many sob stories from selfish kids that don't know how to behave. At least that is the way she saw it, but somewhere down the line this counselor lost her way and lost faith in the people she was supposed to serve.

There was something else that was bothering mom when she noticed that the girls didn't seem to show any concern for the upcoming school year or if they would fit in? She also noticed that there was no discussion about boys, or shopping, or hanging around kids their own age? So she went to Aphrodite and gently asked her about her love life. "The girls told me that you're the love expert around here, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?" "Sure mom, that's what I'm here for, how can I help you?" "Well I was young once and was wondering if things are still the same with kids today about love?" "I believe so, why?" "Well I was just wondering, how do you know when you are in love with that special someone in your life?" "Oh, that's easy mom, just think of a thousand years!" "A thousand years? I don't understand?" "It's very easy mom, love isn't about saying the right words to the one you care for, it's about action! It's about being there for the one you love even after a thousand years have passed! If the one you're with is still there at the end of your life, you found your true love!" Mom was so amazed at Aphrodite's response all she could say to her was "I don't have to worry about you!" And gave Aphrodite a wonderful hug!

Well Sunshine, school is going to start Monday and all three of us have to see the school counselor this Friday morning. Can you come with us to meet our new counselor so that you can see see our troubled past? Do you remember when we told you that your part of our family now? Well there is no secrets amongst us and we want to share our life with you to help you understand where we came from. Just know that when we share our deepest darkest secrets with you, we share it out of love and your deepest darkest secrets will be safe with us too!

"Hello Isis, I am your school counselor at Juanita High school and I have been assigned to look over you while you attend our institution." Isis tried to put on her best smile when she talked to miss counselor but there was something about Isis that really annoyed her "Pleased to meet you miss counselor I see that you know my name that is a good start" The counselor thought Isis was mocking her and she just kind of lost it when she blurted out: "Listen girlie, this isn't a joke! I have listened to your kind for over 20 years now and you're going to behave in our school or you're going to get shipped back to the foster care system so fast ,you'll be gone before the ink dries on my report to send you back!" Amazingly enough this counselors firm threat didn't seem to phase Isis at all. "Thanks for your honesty, I see that we are going to be good friends, I can't wait to tell you all my stories about this life, my past lives and how to live it well!, where shall we begin?" The counselor decided to try some tough love to break Isis down! "Let's start with your drug addict parents. I read your file, you came from an abused family, and you set fire to your home the night you ran away with Aphrodite, and Astraea. You're own parents are afraid of you and I don't know if it was the drugs they took or your mean spirited attitude that makes them think you're a witch, but they don't want to have anything to do with you and that is how you ended up in the foster care system!" Isis responded "Oh sorry about that, you see that was an accident that happened in Halloween of 2006 when lightning struck our home during dad's drug induced episode. You see I'm really 30 years old now but I been protected by a magick bubble on ShadowFires property and I never aged! That is why I am still 17 years old and need to finish school so that I can move on with my life dear!" The counselor was astounded by this young girl's arrogance and delusions! "That fire occurred less than a year ago! Why did you take Aphrodite and Astraea to ShadowFire's home?" "Well because he is a witch too and he needed our help counselor, we can't desert a witch in need!" Isis said while winking at you! "And who are you winking at? Do you see how out of touch with reality you are! You'rs so delusional that you can't even tell reality from fantasy, do you see why I have concerns about you?" "It's ok counselor, Sunshine is our invisible family member that I invited to be here while we talk, besides I'm so sorry to tell this to you this but when you're a witch, reality and fantasy is merged into a beautiful creation of distortions on life. It can frighten you at first, but until you see the delicate intricacies and complexities our magical world has, you will never understand what true reality is and it is I who pity you, blessings child!" Amazing how Isis pure honesty can send a person to the breaking point haha, the only thing the poor counselor could say to Isis was "Get out, and send Aphrodite in here when you leave."

Aphrodite came in with the biggest smile on her face and said to the counselor. "ello Love! so glad to have met your acquaintance, I'm you're love Goddess Aphrodite at your service my lady and may I add? How wonderfully defined and proper you look this fine lovely day!" Aphrodite said while winking at you. Yep this poor counselor's day is going to be hell alright! "What are you doing?" "Oh sorry love, I reverted back to my old English days from 386 years ago from my previous life, sorry I'm a little rusty in my proper grammar miss, by the way, what day is it in the year of our Lord?" The counselor coldly responded "It's August 30, 2019 which happens to be 3 days before you are either coming to our school or to an alternative school in the foster care system miss, do I make myself clear!" Aphrodite said "Oh my, I better behave then!" The counselor continued. "Look Aphrodite, I'm going to be blunt with you and I'm not going to hold anything back! You girls are trouble, you don't deserve a second chance, your mother is a whore that deserted you and now you use this sick fantasy that you are some type of love Goddess Witch but you're not!" Aphrodite responded with a smile "Well it's true that mom liked to hang around the boys for money, but that doesn't define me as a person. It's really very simple to see counselor, if you can, just find that compassion in your heart for just one moment; You see, my mother was a human that made some mistakes in her life, and that's ok, that's what we humans do, we make mistakes and we live on. What defines us as a person is our ability to forgive ourselves so that we can forgive others, and that is how we grow up to become better people when we do! Oh by the way, are there any cute boys here at your school? You know, your nephew is a fine handsome young man at this school! and when I meet him Monday, I promise to take good care of him! Can I call you Aunt now or later? The counselor was getting that look of despair on her face so Aphrodite quietly left and said "I'll get Astraea for you, good day to you fair wise counselor lady of Juanita High School!" and blew a kiss at her while she left the room.

"Astraea, come in! I understand about your loss when your parents were killed by that drunk driver last year, but why did you run away with Isis and Aphrodite on Halloween Night?" Astraea quietly responded "Because they are my sisters and wanted to protect me from the foster care system I was going to be placed in." The counselor responded "But you know that they are not your blood sisters don't you?" Astaea answered back, "It is true that they are not my blood sisters, but they are my soul sisters! You see we are family that has been here for thousands of years in previous lives From ancient Egypt and Greece to the present time in America, we always managed to find one another. We were burned, hanged, and threatened our entire lives because we were different than the people that were around us at the time and I see that things haven't changed much, but it's ok, We're survivors and we love the mortals we are blessed to meet in our life!" Astraea said while batting her pretty little eyelashes at the counselor. "Well Astraea, you have some real problems, but I believe there is hope for you, that is why I'm going to recommend to the state to separate Isis and Aphrodite from you since they are a bad influence, and I'm getting them out of here as soon as I can, just to let you know!" Before Astraea left she hugged her new counselor friend and said "you know what counselor? I had a friend back in 1839 that went by the name of Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, He wasn't knighted by Queen Victoria at the time, we just gave him that title since we are royalty too! Anyway my love, he coined the phrase "The Pen is mightier than the sword!" and that inspired us to come up with a phrase of our own; "The pen is mightier than the sword, but the wand is mightier than the pen!"

True, This!

Beneath the rule of men entirely great

The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold!

The arch-enchanters wand! Itself is nothing!

But taking sorcery from the master-hand

To paralyze the Caesars, and to strike

The loud Earth breathless! Take away the sword

States can be saved without it!

"That was his message of peace at the time that humble communication was mightier than violence of a sword. My message to you is as simple as this: You have to do what you feel compelled to do counselor, we have to do what we feel is right! Just know that when you use your mighty pen to separate us, we are going to use our wands and love to keep us together until it is time for us to leave your world. Take Care my love we will see you Monday!"

Well Sunshine that is our story and what we are sticking to lol! Can you see why ShadowFire had trouble figuring us out? I mean really what are we? Are we really teenage girls with a super active imagination living in a fantasy world, or have we really been around for millenniums. That's the beauty of magick though, you never know what is real or not, but I guess it really doesn't matter, because whatever we are, we have a mission to get our demon back into the tree before he causes harm to the world we love! We also have a mission to save you from your demon as well, and that is why we need your help! Your demon will determine if there is hope for humanity or not. I'm so sorry we have to place this burden on you, but we are here for you! Have faith in yourself and the people that love you and you will be alright! Get some rest my love and thanks for coming with us to see the counselor! Say a prayer for her if you can, and try to remember that she is not the enemy, just a lost sister that needs to find her place back in the world! ;)

Chapter 4 B.T.S!

Do you remember your first day of High School Sunshine? I mean everything had to be perfect! You had to wear the right clothes, act cool, and ditch your parents as fast as you could or you might be labeled a loser for the next 4 years of your life! The only problem with us Sunshine is that we were weird, so we really didn't care if we fit in or not haha! Hey could you do me a favor and stay with me as we go to school today? I'm going to be meeting some interesting people and would love your company! Anyway, I see our first friend is walking up to us so let's surprise her the best way we know how, through Love! ;)

As our sinister girl started walking towards us, you noticed that Aphrodite got her compact mirror from her purse and said those famous words we love to hear. "Hello Beautiful!" She said it just loud enough for sinister girl to walk up to her with disgust! "Ugh, you're not beautiful your UGLY!" Aphrodite responded with the sweetest smile I have ever seen and pointed to her while she smiled at you and said, this must be "LUCY! So glad to see you darling!" Sinister girl responded "How did you know my name is Lucy?" Aphrodite "Because I'm a witch and I know everything about you my love, by the way my name is Aphrodite, nice to finally meet you!" sinister girl "I don't care what your name is and you're still ugly and conceited! Aphrodite let out a "Hmm" and looked inside her compact mirror again. "Nope, I'm still beautiful and pure, because my mirror never lies! By the way I know you are not as pretty as me, but would you like to see your reflection from my mirror darling, if you can change your hateful ways maybe you can be as beautiful as I am!" sinister girl walked away and said "Whatever loser!" while her friends tried to keep up with her as she swiftly walked away from Aphrodite

. "You know your life is over now that you messed with Lucy, right?" A very handsome young man cautiously approached Aphrodite while he said that to her and Aphrodite was just overwhelmed with love when she saw him! "Dylan! Oh so glad to see you!" and she gave him a kiss! Dylan was absolutely stunned by Aphrodite's affection! He never had a girl take notice to him like that before, because he was shy, quiet and kept a low profile, but something about Aphrodite gave him the courage to speak to her that day! He asked Aphrodite the only thing that came to his mind? "Wow, do you know me?" Aphrodite smiled at him and proudly said "Absolutely not! But its ok Dylan, I know you now!" Dylan was amazed, enchanted by Aphrodite and didn't know what to say other than "You're a very strange girl, I mean you're different than any girl I ever met!" "Thanks Dylan! You're a dream too and I'm so glad I finally have the chance to meet you!" Dylan had to ask her the obvious question "But how did you know my name?" Aphrodite responded the only way she knew how "Duh, because I'm a witch Dylan and I'm your Goddess of Love! Don't worry I'll be gentle with you, I promised your Aunt, Miss counselor, I will take great care of you my love! Even though she wants to burn me at the stake!" she said while laughing. Dylan became very uncomfortable and asked Aphrodite a small favor "Hey if you don't mind can you keep that a secret between us? If the kids knew Miss Counselor is my Aunt they'd hate me more than they already do" "Don't worry lover boy, your secret is safe with me, witches honor!" she said while giving him another light kiss on his cheek. "Oh and one more thing, before I leave, can you tell your sister Lucy, I'm sorry if I offended her?" Dylan was absolutely stunned and said as Aphrodite walked away "How did you know Lucy was my sister?" Aphrodite pointed her finger up in the Air as she jokingly said "Witch! Remember the word Witch Dylan, and when you're with a witch, weird things happen, see you later cutie!"

Don't you just love Dylan, Sunshine? He really is a good kid, that's why I kissed him. I mean really, when the girls see the lipstick on his face, He's going to be popular with the girls haha! It's the least I can do for him since he's shy! By the way I forgot to tell you what B.T.S. stands for in our diary Book of Life you are reading, it means: Back to School, haha, get it? Hey I'm a lover not a comedian what did you expect? Anyway, We're going to meet up with Astraea and Isis in the cafeteria to see how well we are doing on our first day and if we are any closer to finding the demon?

"Hey Girlfriends!" Aphrodite shouted at the top of her lungs when she saw her Besties in the cafeteria and they responded by saying "Hi Beautiful!" Yep, we're not shy about being different! "Hmm, such a big cafeteria where should we eat at Isis?" Isis smiled at her and looked around the room while they were walking "Well there's the jock table over there but sorry Aphrodite, none of them look like swimmers, Awe yes we could go to the popular girl cheerleaders table, but they're going to come to us later so we don't have to worry about them , we could go to the band players table but I don't think they have a Hurdy Gurdy instruments section like the ones we used to play for King Louis The XIV back in the 1700's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyIXR3s8OtY

Awe yes here we are, at the Dylan table, my favorite table of all! Dylan? May we have the pleasure of your company today?" Isis said while she gave Dylan a big hug. Poor Dylan just didn't know what to do with his new popularity but it was nice to have people to like him for what he was: A real person and not fake! "Hi girls, how did you know my name?" When he looked at Isis, Aphrodite blew him a kiss and pointed her finger up in the air while winking at him "Oh, uh? Witch too?" "Yes, your majesty! We're witches and we are graced by your presence!" Astraea went to Dylan and hugged him next. Isis spoke up "I see that we have other royalty here too, Princess Gina, I'm so honored to meet you my lady!" Gina looked up at the new kids from the book she was hiding in and meekly said "Oh, I'm not royalty, I'm just a girl." Isis gently went to Gina and and softly spoke to her: "Joan of Arc was just a girl, but she helped save France and is a heroine of her people of an entire nation that needed her! Never sell yourself short Princess Gina, you are a hero to us and you're going to prove your bravery very soon for the first time my dear! Aphrodite chipped in "And we are going to be honored to see your first victory over tyranny!" All Gina could say was "ok"

"Alright girls what did we find out?" Aphrodite said and Isis interrupted her before they continued on "Oh by the way, Dylan and Gina, we kind of adopted you, so you're in our group now, I hope you don't mind but we couldn't help it!" Dylan was starting to get comfortable around his new friends and simply said "Ok, cool!" Gina was still a little nervous and only said those famous words "ok" Oh I just love them to death! Anyway let's get back to the conversation at hand: Astraea spoke next "Well I talked to all the trees in the area today and they said what demon are we looking for because there are so many around here lately" Dylan was bewildered and confused so he only could say "Trees?" Aphrodite gently reminded Dylan that "When you are around witches, weird things happen my love!" and she winked at Gina which made her laugh. Oh this girl is starting to come out of her shell and blossom to the world and it was a beautiful sight to see but first,we had some serious issues we needed to discuss ! Isis responded to Astraea's tree concern "I was afraid of that, I walked all around the campus today, I guess I should have went to class oops, sorry about that, anyway I went to observe the kids souls today and most are pretty decent kids my deary!" She loves to imitate an elderly witches voice, "But there are a few bad apples around here, and when I mean bad, it's Snow white mean witch bad apple around here haha! By the way Astraea, some girls saw you talking to the trees and reported you to Miss counselor, you're going to have a nice talk with her this afternoon my little pretty!" Isis teased Astraea in her old witches voice. "Now that you mention it Isis, I got my first detention slip today yeah! my crime? Talking to a tree without a permit I guess haha" and everyone laughed because we were becoming a family on this first faithful day of school and it felt so good to have Dylan and Gina with us! But just then the moment of truth came and it was worse than a demon! ;)

Sinister girl Lucy snuck up on our table and smeared makeup and lipstick all over Aphrodite's face and she quickly covered her face and appeared to be crying when Lucy said "who's pretty now?" with a smirk on her face. but Aphrodite wasn't crying she was giggling and walked to the top of the table with the biggest smile on her face and said to everyone in the room, "I'm Beautiful! Thanks Lucy for the makeover anyone want to join me?" That's when it happened, for the first time in her life Gina stood on the table with Aphrodite and smeared makeup all over her face when she laughed and said "I'm Beautiful too!" Oh Sunshine, it was such a wonderful sight to see Gina blossom to a wonderful woman that day and now that she arrived, there is no stopping her now! That's the courage in Gina that Isis was talking about! ;)

Astraea rose on the table next and smeared makeup all over her face too and proudly said "I'm beautiful everyone!" and finally Isis rose up in a majestic way and said those magic words to the room that would change the school forever! "Look everyone! We are all beautiful!" and proudly smeared makeup all over her face!

Soon everyone in the Cafeteria rose up and started smearing makeup all over their faces, even some boys and it was just a little too much for Lucy to take so she ran out the room as fast as she could. Poor girl, I guess we should have told her, it's not nice to play with witches because we might just play back with you! There was cheers all over the cafeteria room that quieted down when Isis raised her hands! "My Ladies, My Gentleman, today is a wonderful moment to treasure! For you saw that it was not the makeup that made us pretty, but what is deep inside everyone of us! and that is Love, Compassion and the inner beauty of a soul that is the real part of our being! Makeup can make us look beautiful and it is magical, but never use it as a mask to cover up who you really are deep inside, and that is the special human being that you truly are!" The kids were speechless and then there was loud yelling and applause for their new Queen! That is until Miss Counselor came in and walked right up to Isis and said "In my office, NOW!" There was gasps from the students but it was ok because our royal Queen Isis was not defeated and waved to the crowd as she departed to the office area with Miss Counselor while spontaneous cheering was heard long after she left!

Wait a minute? Did you think your just going to sit there reading our book without getting a little love and makeup on your face by your family? Well think again Sunshine, cuz here's a little makeup for you to smear all over your face too hun! xoxo Aphrodite

The Book Of Life Chapter 5 "Friend or Foe?"

Hi Sunshine, this is your beloved sister Astraea writing to you in our diary! I thought I would explain to you what happened after Isis was escorted by Miss Counselor to her office because it was a little confusing for the mortals to understand, hee hee! ;)

Anyway there are 2 versions to the story of what really happened once they left our company. In the mortal story the bell soon rang after our little mascara party and all the students returned to class, but before Dylan and Gina left we asked them if they could meet us back at the cafeteria after school was over.

Miss Counselor wanted Isis to be the center of the stage by "Walking the Shame of Humiliation" as she escorted Isis to her office, but it didn't work out that way. In fact it was poor Miss Counselor that was being humiliated as they were leaving the cafeteria area when the students were smiling and congratulating Isis as she walked by and everyone mysteriously started to call our counselor "Miss Counselor" instead of her real name and it was getting under her skin! "Great job Isis, Hi Miss Counselor" seemed to be the theme of the conversation as they walked by the students and it was bothering her so much that she started to snap back at the kids that approached them by saying "I have a name!" and when poor Johnny said "Miss Counselor" she sentenced him to detention after school haha, wow!

Oh Sunshine, we really have to be careful with our magick! We can't let the people know our powers otherwise it will disrupt the world as we know it. That's why we always have to be careful and have a plausible explanation for all the trouble we cause when we use our magick to right the wrongs of the world! (winking at ya).

Anyway when we got to history class and the PA intercom came on announcing the first P.T.A meeting was going to be held this Friday evening for Parents and students to welcome them back we heard something different!

"Magick for good or Magick undone"

"Magick for good or Magick undone"

"Magick for good or Magick undone"

It was Isis voice over the intercom but we were the only ones that heard her, hee hee. Sorry I just like saying that! So what happens when the Natural and Supernatural world meet? We get to play with magick and yet somehow balance it out with the real world we have to live in as well! ;)

Oh the life of a witch, not only do we have to worry about our Physical World but we also have to worry about the Supernatural World that is around us too, and sometimes both worlds want our attention at the same time! Do you know how hard it is when you are concentrating on a test when a spirit or friendly ghost passes by and needs your help? You help them out as best as you can and then return to the normal world to continue on as if nothing happened! Oh what is a girl to do in all these crazy thing in life? Um, have fun and enjoy the moment!

Our beloved sister's chant kept coming over the intercom and isn't it interesting in the real world how people never pay attention to the announcements over a PA system. It's kind of funny in a way, because after all the long announcements were made, everyone in the room either doesn't care or says "Wait a minute, what did they just say?"

We had to get to our sister super fast, but timing is everything in the Supernatural World! In a way we are just like magicians performing magic, slight of hand to make illusions appear and disappear. Our magic, spelled with a k, is all about timing around supernatural events so that we do not disrupt the world around us as we bend, space, time, and nature while we weave the desired outcome for positive change for ourselves and the ones around us. At least that is our goal, even though Nature can seem cruel at times!

Well anyway, as we rose out of our chairs during the hypnotic chant that put our classmates into a trance like state; Aphrodite straightened Dylan's hair and dropped both pens on the floor for Gina and Dylan to reach for once the trance is broken, but oops, they're touching hands! Aphrodite is such a match maker haha, and I walked by the teacher's desk and placed one of the best apples from ShadowFire's garden for our teacher to eat, Hey! you can't accuse me of being the teacher's pet, because he won't even know who placed that apple there, and we flew out the door for our sneaky little adventure to Miss Counselors office!

As we were making our way to her office, Miss Counselor was having a field day threatening poor Isis with some pretty serious accusations: "Well Isis, you certainly made a 1st day impression with our school, let's see? You ditched all your classes before lunch, went prowling all over our campus without authorization, painted graffiti on the wall and caused a riot in the school cafeteria! Do you see why I want you out of here?" Ugh, she just lost all professionalism when it came to these girls and she was unraveling at a fast rate. She knew she had to get these kids expelled but how? As she was thinking of her evil plot, Isis humbly spoke to her, while gently holding her hands. "Oh Miss Counselor, I wish you knew that we are only here to help you and our school, but you're miserable here and it is time for you to leave!" Just then the principal unexpectedly came in her office and said "There's my star student! Miss Counselor make sure you take good care of Isis! She spent all morning long helping our custodian picking up trash and cleaning up some graffiti this morning! Good job Isis!" Isis responded "Thank you sir! and if you don't mind we're going to help Ruben clean up the cafeteria after school since some students accidentally spilled some stuff on the floor." The principal was impressed "I wish more students were like you Isis! You see Miss Counselor, I told you there was nothing to worry about our new students! By the way when you are finished with Isis, come to my office with your resignation! I know you you're plotting with your niece Lucy to try and get poor Isis and Aphrodite expelled. Shame on you for instructing Lucy to spray paint Aphrodite's mother is a whore on our campus!" and then our wonderful principal walked out!

Oh my Goddess, our poor counselor was in shock, even the principal was calling her "Miss Counselor!" and how did he know what she told Lucy to do? She is going to lose her job, her reputation and her dignity because of these girls and that is when she realized that Isis was holding her hands! "What are you doing? And why are you holding my hands Isis? That is very unprofessional!" That is when we came in the room smiling and happy as ever! Remember timing is everything in the magick world!
While Isis was holding Miss Counselors hands, I lightly touched her left shoulder while Aphrodite lightly touched her right, and she was beginning to panic! "What's going on? What are you girls doing?" We tried to reassure her the best we could "It's ok Miss Counselor, We're changing the outcome of your life, so that you can retire in peace instead of being fired in disgrace!" That's when we started to chant those magick words with Isis!

"Magick for good or Magick undone"

"Magick for good or Magick undone"

"Magick for good or Magick undone"

The principal came back in the room and started to chant with us, He also brought the police with him to escort Miss Counselor out of the building and they started chanting too! Then students in the hallway started coming in one by one and began to chant our magickal words to her and she totally lost control and screamed out of pure fear!

That is when she suddenly woke up in her car! Was she dreaming? Was it real? What happened? All she remembers is that she was so stressed out that she went to her car to be alone and listen to some soft classical music during her lunch break while she wondered how she was going to get the girls expelled. When she saw us fly by her car on our broomsticks to hurry back and sneak into class before our magick trance wore off, it startled her but we did manage to wave at her before we instantly disappeared from her vision. Hey it would have been rude if we didn't wave to her! ;)

Well anyway, we successfully snuck back into class, just as the PA announcement finished and everything returned back to normal. Well almost normal, because that is when the teacher noticed the shinny apple on his desk and quietly said to himself "How did this get here?" and Dylan and Gina realized that they were holding hands while reaching for their dropped pens. It was cute, they had that look of bashful surprise and then a smile as they retrieved their pens from the floor. Yes our job was almost done for the day! :)

After school, just as promised we went with Isis back to the cafeteria to meet up with Dylan and Gina who were waiting for us. Gina was happy to see us "Hi girls!" and Dylan too, but he was a little confused and asked why did we want them to meet us at the cafeteria? Isis said "Well Dylan, we kind of made a mess today, and I wanted to help my new friend Ruben, our custodian, by cleaning up all the mascara and lipstick stains on the floor and tables. He can't go home to his family until this place is cleaned up" Just then Ruben came up to us with a big smile on his face. "Awe Mija!,you came back to help, thanks!" Isis had a bigger smile on her face when she gave him a hug and said "De Nada Papi!" Isis continued talking to us about our new friend "Ruben says I am a Curandera, a healer, I like that and he is such a good husband and father to his wife and kids, it's the least we can do to help him out after all we did kind of make this mess" Isis smiled at papa Ruben and said to him "Ok Papi, Aphrodite is an expert makeup remover and can get stains out of anything with her own special potions are you ready Aphrodite?" Oh she was more than ready my dear with beaming pride. She got her makeup remover formula which was her special blend of citrus, salts, baking soda and water while proudly saying "Eye of Newt, Toe of Frog, Look out stains, cuz here comes the Grog!" Astraea laughed "Hey Aphrodite, Grog is a mixture of Rum and Water!" Aphrodite playfully touched Astraea's face while winking at her and said "Hey darling, that will work too haha!" Oh the kids had so much fun and before they knew it the whole area was magically cleaned and Ruben got to go home to his family early!
The Book Of Life Chapter 6 "Home Coming!"

When we got home to our family mom had a worried look on her face but put on a brave smile when she asked us "So, how was your first day of School?" Astraea ran right up to her, jumped in her lap, gave her a hug with the biggest smile on her face and said "It was Magical!" Astraea always knew how to comfort her new mother the best way she knew how, with love! "Oh mom, it was a perfect day! First, I got to play in all the trees before the first bell rang, while Aphrodite met a few friends." Aphrodite corrected her "Well the first friend I met was a little rocky haha, her name is Lucy" mom was getting a little more relaxed while her children were talking to her "Anyway, Aphrodite met her second friend just a few seconds later and he's a cute boy and she gave him a kiss!" Aphrodite protested while laughing "Hey you have to work fast in this town or you might lose him to a princess!" Aphrodite said while playfully messing up Astraea's hair and laughing with her "Besides, Dylan was a little shy and needed some loving so the girls could see what a catch he really is!" Isis joined in the conversation and smiled when she said "And speaking of princesses I met one named Gina!" Astraea couldn't contain her enthusiasm and excitement "Oh mom, and she is the most beautiful African Princess I ever seen! she is as pretty as Princess Sarah Culberson Of Sierra Leone and she is quiet and shy like me!"

"Well sis, you're not too shy and quiet right now, but go on, haha!" Isis teased Astraea while laughing with her "Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted, haha! we instantly adopted Princess Gina and Prince Dylan into our family, and we ate lunch together, had a mascara war with the kids in the cafeteria and everyone elected Isis to be the new Queen of the school!" Isis had to correct her little sister, "Well temporary Queen, you see mom, I'm going to pass my title on to Gina very soon!" Isis winked at Astraea and motioned for her to continue "Oh mom! I wish you could have seen Gina's transformation, she was shy at first but when she hung around us for a little while she gained her confidence and she blossomed into a beautiful strong lady right before our very eyes!" Aphrodite laughed "Yeah, we seem to have that effect on people!" Mom was overwhelmed with pride at what she was hearing from her children!

"Oh and we were having so much fun but the bell rang and we were late to our History class, and had to run as fast as we could, but snuck in without being noticed, and I placed and apple on our teachers desk. Isis smiled at Astraea and said "Yeah, that PA announcement kind of saved us because everyone was falling asleep from that monotone voice over the intercom so we discreetly found some chairs to sit in without anyone noticing our tardiness!" Astraea teased back at Isis "Yeah but that monotone voice kind of sounded like your voice Isis" Isis laughed and teased back at her "Do you mean this voice?" Isis said in a Dracula's voice while hissing and that made Astraea scream with laughter "Or this voice: Good, After, noon, students, the time is 12:30 pm, and now I have the pleasure of bringing you 3 hours of boring facts you know you want to hear" Isis said in a perfect monotone voice until she started laughing that is haha!

"Oh I forgot to tell you, while we were running to class we passed by Miss Counselor's car and she was sitting inside listening to the classical Satie Gymnopie No.1 by French composer Erik Satie. She looked sad, but we waved at her as we ran by and Aphrodite gave her a gift without her even knowing it, She gave Miss Counselor her most prized possession, Her magical compact mirror!" Mom was shocked "But Aphrodite didn't that mirror belong to your family for generations!" Aphrodite humbly responded "Yes mom, but she needs my mirror more than I do so I gave it to her for a little while to keep until it made her happy!"

"But why were you girls so late after school, your father had trouble finding you?" Isis said "Oh sorry about that, you see we kind of made a mess in the cafeteria, so I asked our principal if me and the girls can stay after school to help Ruben clean up the cafeteria so he could go home early to his family, Ruben is a wonderful man that is our Custodian at school! Mom could only say "Wow, you had such a busy day you made me tired just hearing about it!" while laughing with the children. "But the day's not over mom, it's just started haha!" Astraea said and right after they finished eating dinner Astraea excitedly said "Quick everyone let's go outside the sun is about to set!" and just as they went outside the sun set at 7:47 pm and it was the most majestical and magical moment that mom and dad ever saw as it set over lake Washington!

Isis humbly went to mom and Dad to ask them a simple request: "Mom, Dad, I know our religion is a little bit different than yours but could we have the honor of joining you as our beautiful sun sets from our horizon?" They smiled and took Isis hand; In fact they all held hands, and joined as a family as the Sun set. Just before the Sacred moment occurred though, Isis recited her most Sacred script during the Sun's grand departure from our Mother Earth. ""Family, our Sun, the sustainer of Life, has to die every day, as it is doing now. Remember the ones we lost, and the time that will come when it is our turn to cross over. Day transitions into Night, Death overcomes Life, but fear not! For tomorrow, Life will triumph over Death! Our Sun will rise back up and bring back the life that was lost during the Night! This is how it is and how it must be, for the billions of years before and the billions of years to come the Sacred Circle of our family is complete!" Right after Isis recited her Ritual, The sun set in absolute Awe and Wonder as the family watched in utter amazement and silence when our Sun said it's final goodby to them for the day!

"You see mom, We always have a moment of silence, as our Sun departs from our Earth for the day. It is a great reminder that we only have a limited number of Sun Sets to see in our lifetime! It is a special, Sacred Occasion, to stop everything we're doing, and pay homage to our mortality. That's why this moment is so special to us!" Isis said while giving her mother a hug!

Astraea added: "You know what happens after the sun sets don't you?" Mom and dad both said "No? What happens sweetie?" Astraea responded with one of the biggest smiles on her face "Well, Both Young and Old become Children of the Night! haha! now, wait for it, wait for it" and almost on cue it was the still of the evening but out of nowhere the wind magically blew a strong beautiful gust in the family's direction and the girls ran and started playing in the twilight hours! I don't know how Astraea managed to make such powerful winds blow, but she is the element of Air you know! Somehow while the girls were playing and running around they produced brooms out of thin air and started running all over the place trying to fly with them, but they just couldn't seem to take off into the air, but that didn't stop them from laughing as their parents watched them with love!

So in the midst of all the playing and laughter going around them, dad asked his wife "By the way mom, how was your day today?" and mom said "IT WAS MAGICAL!"

The Book Of Life Chapter 7 "Left Hand Day!"

The next morning mom woke up to the sounds of little pitter patter feet coming down the stairs that she might have suspected are coming form some teenage girls in her house! Oh Sunshine, it's going to be a very busy day today, but then again do we teenage girls ever rest? ;)

Our day started at 3 in the morning when I woke up from a dream that we were going to visit a cemetary that's not far off the 405 Hiway this evening at precisely 7:30 pm. Hey what can I say? We are Children of the night haha

Oh Sunshine, what can I say? I'm Astraea, the element of Air, an oracle of intuition and spirituality so when I have these dreams, we have to do what we see in my dreams, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little juvenile fun along the way, even if it might spell our own doom, ugh! Oh the life of a young witch haha! Anyway we decided to wear our black skirts and blouses for this Evening's outing, ate a super early breakfast and gave Isis some time to look at the drawings I sketched in my dreams.

When mom came down the stairs we got her favorite coffee for her, fed her breakfast, and gave her a hug. We told her that our counselor Lan Wu needed us to go to the cemetery with her after school and we would be home by curfew time. "I know it's a lot to ask mom, but please have faith in us, she needs our help with the tremendous grief she has." Our mom was super worried, but had faith in us because she knew we could take care of ourselves and each other!

After making breakfast, getting dressed, interperting the dream I had and being children of the night, we draged our poor tired parents outside to witness the most beautiful Sacred event that starts our day and gives up hope every day of ouf life! Isis had us facing the East as she quietly said "Family as we stand here today, we witnessed the death of the yesterday's Sun, but fear not, for the Sun returns with it's sweetest gift it has for us, the gift of life returned!" Right after she spoke the first rays of the morning sun began to rise in our direction and it was the most awe inspiring and moving experience to see! Oh Sunshine, I know you are reading our diary right now, but when you get a chance, experience that sun rise for yourself and see why it is such a Sacred event and how it wakes your soul to the very essence of your being!

Mom and dad were speechless of what they witnessed, because they took their mornings for granted most of their life, until this sacred day arrived; The day we all held hands as a family to begin the day as one! We saw life, we saw inspiration, and we witnessed a miracle occur! This beautiful glowing ball of light rose to our Earth and we were alive to see it! This Sacred gift of life given to us each day is a constant reminder to savour every precious drop it has to offer! Our Sun has been rising for billions of years just to let us know, that today, it rose for us to live, and live life well!

"Wow Isis is this what you see everyday?" "Yes dad, every day and I'm so glad you got to see it too you don't know how much this means to me!" Isis gave her dad a hug and it was a wonderful feeling for him to finally have a family to love!

Astraea had a revelation during this special time and proudly said to everyone "Hey you know what this means?" everyone said "What Astraea" and she responded We get to be children of the Day. Mom and dad laughed while they protested "but wern't we children of the night? Astreae gave them the look "Yes, but we can be children of the day too Haha!" and mom asked Astraea "How are we going to be kids when we have to work today and you have to go to school?" Astraea said "That's easy mom, because today is LEFT HAND day!" Then dad laughed and asked Astraea "Hey wait a minute, aren't you left handed?" "Yes dad!" Astraea said while batting her pretty little eye lashes "Now you get to see my world and maybe teach you friends to see life from a left handed perspective! Astraea said while smiling and dad said "It's a deal let me get the car keys and I'll take you girls to school." Astraea laughed and teased her dad when he started the car. "No dad, you have to start the car with your left hand haha!" and dad laughed back when he saw how difficult it was to start the car with his left hand "I think I'm beginning to see that life isn't very fair to you left handed people!" and everyone laughed as he drove them to school.
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