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About wisdom
Wise man,
A wise man surely you are, well maybe.
Wise man, you are so funny and comical even though you have no big red noise or floppy hat.
Wise man you are blind knowing all supposedly but knowing almost nothing indeed.
Wise man, wise man oh how can this be since you have had all the world's great learning?
You've been to Rome and Sicily all nine of its great provinces.
Wise man, how can it be you are still not much wiser than me?
Wise man, come and learn the stories of old, the stories passed down by the elders for you and me.
The elders have much to tell if you dare to listen you can have the great knowledge you seek.
Wise man, how can it be that you are no wiser than me?
Wise man, I will listen to the things the elders say.
Learning and listening to them I will become a wise woman someday.
Wise man, please take my hand and we will go and learn what only the Godly wise men have known and learn great wisdom.

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