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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2225603
A couple of burglars get caught up in murder.
Burden Of Proof

Two cat burglars stood outside the door of their favorite pawn shop, aptly named, Pawns R Us. They were ladened with swag from tonight’s jobs. The pair had taken turns pounding on the heavy barred door to no avail.

“I tell yah, he’s been offed,” said the tall, rangy one with acne scars named Cooper.

“We don’t have any proof,” said his partner, Dean.

“He ain’t come to the door yet, has he? He never leaves this hole! What other proof do you need?” Cooper said to the shorter, dumpier man.

“He could be sleeping or drunk!”

“He sleeps like a cat and don’t drink nothin’ but herbal tea! I feel it in my bones that he’s dead!”

“How can we tell? I know the door’s alarmed,” Dean replied.

“I got an idea, follow me to the back alley,” Cooper said over his shoulder as he crept in that direction.

“Yep, he still ain’t fixed the winda,” Cooper said as he pushed at a grimy basement window. Climbing in, he helped Dean squeeze through.

Finding their way upstairs took time, but the pair finally made it to the kitchen area. Cooper snapped on his penlight and shone it around. He gasped.

“There, on the floor under the table, it’s Lenny ‘The Lender’ Lowenstein all right!” Cooper whispered.

“What’s that in his chest? Dean asked as he reached toward it.

“It’s a shiv, you idiot! What did you go and touch it for?”

“I was tryin’ to see if he was still alive,” protested Dean.

The sudden blare of police sirens stopped any further conversation.

“Too late to leave now, guess more than the door was alarmed. Wonder how his killer got in to do it, then?”

Dean shrugged as the cops broke down the storefront door noisily.

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