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Here of the seventh and eight chapters of this story I am working on.
The Drawing World Elementals: The Tragedy of Flameza

Chapter VII: Flameza Encounters Netherrack

After fleeing from Pitch's giant battleship in Mercury Oceans unscathed, Flameza, Bob, and friends went to shore. They all find themselves in the middle of nowhere on the plains.
"I so appreciate your help when my friends and I fled from Pitch and his shipmates, Bob," Flameza said. "We couldn't have made it out alive without you guys."
"It's no problem, Flameza," Bob said. "If you haven't noticed, I brought Roberto, Kylie, Foster, and Lillie to help me set you guys free after you were shanghaied by those dreaded fiends."
"You can thank us for that," Foster said.
"I just can't thank you guys enough for-" But then he was interrupted when he and his friends feel a psychic spell casted on them, preventing all of them from moving. "Blast! I can't move! What's going on now?"
"Look straight ahead," Kylie said, pointing straight ahead.
Netherrack, the first captain of the Nether destruction force of Nether Islands, enters with his lieutenant, Netherball, and Frostmancer from Permafrost Fjords. Netherrack enters with his arms folded showing his disappointed to the good guys that some of King Florine's minions were defeated. "Of course," he said. "Of course it's Flameza. Why am I not surprised?"
"What do you want, Netherrack?" Flameza asked.
"It appears that Frostmancer, Netherball, and I have been watching you and your friends fleeing from Pitch and his shipmates after they kidnapped and locked you up," Netherrack answered. "And if that's not bad enough, Netherghost sent me a message saying that Netherball, Frostmancer, and I needed to report to King Florine about this disaster. After that, King Florine sent us three to him after you defeated some of his best minions, and now he's very upset. What gives?"
"Apparently, you shouldn't be worthy to challenge him and fight him to the death, which is something we can't stand to see," Netherball said.
"Yeah, whatever you guys are doing might be a lousy embarrassment to King Florine and his legion," Frostmancer said.
         Netherrack crosses to his allies that are right next to him. "Shut up, you two!" he said. "It's Flameza's turn to talk, not yours yet!"
"As you can see, Netherrack," Flameza answered, "defeating King Florine and his minions is the key to saving the universe from all evil, even if some bad guys think it's stupid. Clearly, I'm not stupid. Whether you think the universe is worth saving it or not, we will defeat King Florine and his legion, and nothing will stand in our way, not even charlatans like you three!"
Netherball scoffs. "Persistent little pests, aren't you?"
"Is that so?" Netherrack asked, rolling his eyes. "I'd like to see you try."
"If you think you're up for the challenge to end all evil in the universe, prove it!" Frostmancer said.
"We'll prove it to you, alright!" Hypnomind shouted out to the bad guys.
"And if anything happens, we will always stand by Flameza's side, even when he's not around," Lavia added.
Netherrack shakes his head negatively. "You talk too much..." He crosses to his allies. "Netherball, Frostmancer, let's go!" He opens the portal to Nether Islands and crosses back to Flameza. "Remember this, Torriscald, King Florine, his legion, and any other bad guys around - including Netherball, Frostmancer, and myself - will take you down one day!" Netherrack then goes through the portal.
"We'll be watching you over guys, always watching," Netherball said before he goes through the Nether Islands portal.
"No matter what you do, you will not stand a chance against us," Frostmancer said. After he goes through the Nether Islands portal, Netherrack closes the portal from the other side.
Flameza sighed. "Those idiots," he said. "Those three villains will just never leave me alone every time I defeat one or even some of King Florine's minions. There's no saying what King Florine or any of his minions are up to or what their future plans to conquer the universe are. There's just not. Let's go home before we run into any more bad guys." He opens the portal back to the Realm of Elements and goes through it.
"We're right behind you," Bob said as he and everyone else goes through the portal.

Chapter VIII: "Stick to the Plan"

Meanwhile, after Flameza and friends return home, he takes out another treasure he stole from Pitch, and it was called the Pitch-Black Badge. As Flameza and Lavia talk about how they got that badge, their other friends are divided into three separate groups talking about different topics. Ratchet Sagjaiyah, Kilot Sagjaiyah, and Illumina Brightz talk about Bob and his friends coming to the rescue; Hypnomind, Psygene, Aerial, and Colton Sediment are still talking about the X Enders' future plans to take over the universe; and Proarmor, Battector, Aquora, Coral Azure, Bay Morrissey, and Ampere Nariko are talking about Flameza being the hero of the Realm of Elements.
"Let me guess, little brother, we're still talking about the future plans of those morbid X Enders, are we?" Psygene asks Hypnomind.
"Yes, big brother," Hypnomind answers, "I'm afraid so."
"'Afraid'? You better not freak out and talk constantly when we're trying to stop you like you did last time, okay?" Aerial said.
"Also, if you're becoming too anxious or overwhelmed about something, why don't you listen to meditation music to relieve your stress and remove all the negativity in your mind?" asked Cole.
"Yes, Aerial, I know," Hypnomind answers to Aerial. "I won't stress out the X Enders' plots again." He crosses to Cole and takes his advice. "Thanks for the tip, Cole."
"Oh, meditation music?" Aerial said. "Sometimes when I get worried about something or a little stressed, I would listen to this type of music and release all the sounds that are trapped in my mind, especially when I'm trying to sleep, but at the same time, it makes me cry."
"Don't cry when listening to meditation music; it's supposed to cleanse your mind," said Hypnomind. "What would your sister think about this or the unsettling bad guys of the universe, Aerial?"
"Rainbow?" Aerial asked as she was thinking about her younger sister. "I don't know what she thinks about calm music. She definitely never, ever thinks about the X Enders or what they're up to."
"Of course not, why would she?" Hypnomind asked. "What would Rainbow normal do anyway?"
"Same old, same old," Aerial answered. "She's basically having too much fun with any disturbing shenanigans that nobody wants to see."
"What else would she do?" Hypnomind asked.
"Rainbow also likes to run around beaches, which is something I sometimes do with her, but not always," Aerial answered. "She also likes to hang out at Laguna Beach Island and ride on dolphins. I don't really like to join her with something like that or hanging out at Laguna Beach Island, unless she's forcing me to join her."
"Are you shore, Aerial?" Hypnomind asked as he's starting to throw in ocean puns.
"Absolutely," Aerial answered. "And being the gullible hypocrite she is, Rainbow doesn't want anyone to anything that she does or try to stop her from doing what she does best. It's also funny that you are always trying to throw in puns, right?"
"Of course I do," Hypnomind answered. "Why wouldn't I? I like to throw in puns all the time!"
"Good to know, I guess," Psygene added.
"And doesn't Rainbow have any fishues at all?" Hypnomind asks Aerial.
"Not really," she answered, shaking her head, "but if you gave her any winter clothes, Rainbow would be toasted for shore!"
"I figured," said Hypnomind. "And you're throwing in puns, too, Aerial?"
Aerial nods her head as a positive answer. "Whatever Rainbow would do, she's obviously one cray-sea, seagullible, and nauty girl who might need a little moray relaxation and privasea."
"Rainbow never keeps her disturbing shenanigans to herself, ever. She can't ever learn seacresea in any way!"
"Well, nobody knows water problem is, but watery going to do about this?"
"Nothing, basically. It is what it is, which means that we can't do anything stop her from being who she is. It would be nice, however, if she had someone who would understand her besides me, right?"
"Yeah, I would turtle-y agree on that," Hypnomind said. "Alright, that's enough of this. Back to what I was saying..."
"Here we go again..." Psygene groaned.
"Yeah, I am sick of talking about Rainbow and her embarrassing shenanigans. Proceed," Aerial said.
"You may think the X Enders' future reign will only be over just the Realm of Elements, but no," Hypnomind continues. "It will be FAR worse than you all think right now. They will bring out hate, riots, fire, destruction, blood-red skies-"
"Hold the phone!" Cole interrupts. "Are you actually predicting what will happen to everyone and everywhere else in the world when we're under the X Enders' reign?"
"Cole, I predict the future, and so does Princess Nova," Hypnomind answered. "How else would I explain about what will happen to us as time flies?" Cole shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head. "When we see that the X Enders have succeeded in being rulers, some of us will die, be put into slavery, separated from our families and best friends, make us suffer from any sicknesses or hunger, be trapped in a true living nightmare, or worst of all, be stripped of our powers for all eternity!"
Everyone else gasps from hearing about the horrible aftermath of the X Enders' reign.
"Oh my gosh, Hypnomind..." Aerial said as if she's shocked and offended about losing her family forever. "About what you said about separating families from each other and being trapped in a living nightmare, that's so sad... You're also saying that some of us will be stuck in servitude or with our worst fears? I can't bear to hear about such things or be stuck with dilemmas I can't overcome!" She starts crying.
Psygene and Cole glare at Hypnomind.
"Now you've done it, Hypnomind," said Cole. "You just made a girl cry!"
Hypnomind regrets saying all the horrible events that will happen soon after the X Enders successfully take over the Realm of Elements and possibly the entire universe. "I'm sorry I said those horrible things, Aerial," he apologizes as he sits next to her and comforts her. "I know the X Enders' reign will be one the worst and most heartbreaking cataclysms there could ever be and things that will ever happen to us, but we can't let any of our nerves or fears get the best of us, even when times are tough."
"Are you sure about this, young man?" Aerial asked.
"Trust me. I'm sure we'll defeat the X Enders and make sure that their reign and its aftermath will never happen. I promise that we will get to the bottom of this."
Aerial sheds her tears and stops crying. "I hope you're right. And when that's over, we don't have to worry about any of this anymore. Thank you, Hypnomind. I don't know what I'd do without you, my friends, or my family."
"What we need is love and peace in our lives. All of us," Hypnomind said. After regretting about upsetting his friends about the horrible aftermath of the X Ender's reign, he sings a song to encourage Psygene, Aerial, and Cole to stick to plan about defeating those dark, deadly villains and that there is more than just combat and action:

         We all know that the X Enders
         Are deadly and dangerous,
         But saving the world
         Is also venturous.

         If we want to do this
         The best that we can,
         Then we should do more
         Than just stick to the plan.

Psygene joins in the song and asks something to his brother:

         Is that more to it besides that?

Cole also joins in the song and asks if there is more than just fighting:

         And is there more than just combat?

Hypnomind answers to Psygene and Cole:

         Yes and yes.
         There is more than just fighting.
         Let's try to make the fights
         More fun and exciting!

Aerial finally joins in the song and asks Hypnomind a couple odd questions:

         So what do we do?
         Could we inspire our friends?

Hypnomind answers negatively:

         No, that won't be enough.
         We must stick to the plan!

During the first drop of the section, Hypnomind, Psygene, Aerial, and Cole take a dance break across the front yard of Hypnomind's house. Since Cole doesn't even know how to dance at all, Aerial decides to have him watch the Kinesis brothers while they're dancing. Soon after showing him how the dance is done, Cole starts to get the hang of it.
Psygene starts to sing the second verse:

         We're not safe
         Till the X Enders are dead.
         They will give you nightmares
         While you're sleeping in bed!

Cole adds more dark facts about the X Enders:

         What they're up to
         Will be mysterious at least,
         But we won't forget about them
         Till they're good and deceased.

Aerial points out that there is still hope left in the world:

         There's still hope left within us,
         So we can't give in now.
         We will not let them succeed
         Or steal the throne anyhow.

Hypnomind is impressed that there is still hope to prevent the X Enders from stealing the thrones of the Realm of Elements:

         That's the spirit! Keep in mind
         That danger is at hand.
                   We must be prepared
                   And be focused beforehand!

Psygene sings the first line of the last section before the second drop:

         We don't want those villains to lay siege!

Cole continues the last stanza:

         Time to stick to the plan!

Aerial continues again:

         It's not enough to just inspire our fans!

Hypnomind finishes out the last stanza before the second drop and dance break:

         If we want to succeed, we must stick to the plan!

During the second drop of the song, the four elementals do another dance break to completely finish out the song. Hypnomind was proud of Psygene, Aerial, Cole, and himself for choosing to stick to the plan to defeat the X Enders and save the universe once and for all. He is thinking about spreading the word to everyone else, but some might not be interested or even want to hear about those villains at all.
"We won't forget this, Hypnomind," Psygene said to his brother. "You're the best brother I know."
"Aw, shucks, Psygene. You'll make me blush!" Hypnomind said. When he looked outside, he noticed that it is already dusk. "Hmph, it's getting darker outside. Why don't we go check on Flameza just in case something happens to him or Lavia?"
"Err...okay," Psygene said as if he's unsure.
"I just hope nothing bad happens to those two," Aerial added.
"There better not," Cole said.
"Come on!" Hypnomind said. "What could possibly go wrong? We just came back home from being shanghaied by Pitch and his shipmates, and Flameza came back to his treasure room to organize his treasures; Ratchet and Kilot are about to check on him after talking about Bob rescuing us; and Proarmor, Battector, and Aquora are again heading to Flameza after talking with Bay, Coral, and Ampere about him being the hero of the Realm of Elements. If we do not want something bad to happen to our hero, then we need to leave now."
"If you say so, then let's go," Cole said.
Everyone heads out of Hypnomind's house to go look for Flameza and Lavia.
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