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Mary had a lamb and a whole lot of trouble.
Mary Had

Here is a little something from the greatest composer in history and one of his masterpieces.

youtube paul mccartney mary had a little lamb - (This video was blocked but it is easy to find on Youtube.)

New Subject: Sweden, Thailand and Iceland are very interesting in how they treat the Wuhan Bat Flu. Sweden and Iceland control their populations like a shepherd controls his sheep. The people there also respect nature. They are not idiots like politicians and people here in the states who have convinced themselves they can control nature. They are smaller nations so testing and implementing controls is easier and possible. The people in those countries are also cooperative with the authorities for the common good.

The government of Thailand went down a path less gentle, more draconian to be exact. Their measures included imposing martial law on everyone and arresting anyone not in compliance. The instant they learned about the Bat flu they went into action. They were devastated by the previous coronavirus coming out of mainland China a few years prior. The people this time complied with the state under fear of death. The entire country was shut down in an instance, no questions asked. So far so good.

And now it is time for a little poem.

Mary had a little lamb
It's fleece was white as snow
And everywhere that Mary went
People tried to kill her lamb
And make themselves a sandwich

And now it is time for a little play about Mary talking to her friend Mary about a fashion statement.

"Mary?" "Yes Mary." "Is that a new wool sweater?" "Why yes it is Mary." "Where is your little lamb Mary?" "I don't know Mary but isn't this a lovely sweater?"

The End.

Authors Note: If anyone was offended by the insinuation of or being referenced as sheep, well, that is too bad. The author is not sorry and will never be accused of being PC. He thinks it is wrong to be fleeced by Satan and others pretending to be sheep. Go to sleep now. I have a lot of fluffy white creatures in need of counting.

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