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by kunti
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At night, I was slept. Unrealize something was came in my back. You can't believe that!
That night I was watched many videos in somesite. Is very funny if you know, I was watched paranormal activity, someone's vlog, television programm streaming, music videos, and many more until I don't realize, it is dawn guys! Okay, I close all tabs in my laptop and then I prepared myself to go to slept.

I slept with my sisters--actually I have my own room, but because there is no air conditioning so I slept with my sisters-my little sister slept near wall in this room and then my sister-she is old under me-slept in side my little sister. That night, I want to slept under my little sister because in there I can felt comfort, who's care?

Strangely I could not sleep well, I thought maybe this was the effect I saw paranormal activity. It's scared! So, I tried to calm myself and surprisingly I can sleep well-thanks God. But this is did not yet until something I don't know what it is, but I can take it from the back of my neck-I realize that is a little animal but I don't know what it is-is it giraffe? it is croaches? it is beetle? I don't know. After I take it from back of my neck I immediately threw it beside my sister's bed. After a minute I intend to hit it with something-there is a Japan's dictionay-I immediately take it and I want to drop it to the animal, but something happen. This animal is gone. I don't know where the animal go. My brain immediately thinks nonsense, like witchcraft and such but it does not last long, I just go to slept again.

What's left is something that makes me stunned. What's wrong? It is be continue.
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