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An unexpected road trip.
I say unexpected road trip was a shock;
eyes widened spine tingled heart hear the neck.
Despite time’s pandemic a-keeping me home,
I was okay with the westerly trek

into Pennsylvania from Ohio start;
it was 680 I cruised frequently.
The Western Reserve exit closed to be sure;
on to the turnpike is where I would be

heading east into mid-morning’s sun bright;
knowing of times when Virginia was sought.
Not even old Breezewood three hours away,
nor even Pittsburgh took part in my thought.

After an hour I managed escaping
from this stark turnpike with rigid intent.
It was then Cranberry, exit that day;
(Cranberry Township, commercial, high rent.)

Leaving Cranberry to country environs,
(rural roads, I was so happy and free.)
Sign in the distance said, Win a cold turkey;
then my bad—it said, Win a gold car key.

Roads were terrain like it was roller coaster;
Blue Ridge the mountains south if I would choose.
Farms were appearing with cattle and bison;
time was now taken yet was mine to lose.

I had no technical help for this road trip;
not any GPS to help that day.
I longed for Garmin to help navigation;
Narrow the roads and the sky had turned gray.

I was now lost on a road very narrow;
I noticed a farmer who leaned on a hoe.
He gave directions so I could get going;
then on a main road, anxiety low.

My vector northeast driving back to my State;
I neared a silver bridge, suspension one;
it wrangled my nerves as it swayed in the wind;
I was elated when crossing was done.

My road trip behind me and back at my home;
how unexpected came out of the blue.
A cruise in the country I’ll never forget,
sigh of relief with Ohio in view.

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