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Is taking a spontaneous road trip with your bestie a good idea? We're about to find out.
Another beautiful day! I can't wait to prepare O'Brian and Mauve for their first dog shows ever! Mauve's first really, O'Brian's first since he's recovered from an injured paw. (He sailed out the door and hurt his paw. When you're a Dachshund, anything's lethal).

I opened the door and find-


"Hello Trish, what are you up to this fine morning?"

"I'm here to invite my best friend on a granted, unexpected, road trip. So what do you say?"

" Well Trish, any other time I would, but this is the first time my aunt's letting me head this thing on my own. I can't let her down."

"I thought you might say that and so I checked with her and it was cleared. We are ready for take off."

"What? But, how did you...?"

"Oh come on Janet. It's been weeks since you got out. You did good with helping O'Brian get on the mend and your aunt appreciates it. But sooner or later you have to get out of the house; for your own good at least."

"But, who's gonna watch the dogs if I go? Exactly how long is this road trip of yours anyway?"

"Just, a few days. And your said Patty was able to dog sit in the meantime. So let's go."

"I guess I'll get my bag."

"Exactly, where in heck are you taking me Trish? I've been looking out at nothing for almost an hour."

"It'll be another two hours til we're there so keep your shirt on."

"What? Are you serious? What on Earth do you expect me to do til then?"

"Look at this ' thinhs to do' brochure I got from my cousin. He lives there now."

"Which cousin? Colorado? Are you serious? There's nothing doing there."

"Oh yes there is Ms. Snob, so quit you're whining and take a look before I give you reason to."

I stared at her for a bit. She finally glanced at me.

"What? My mom always said it and it worked fine on us."

I settled into my brochure browsing. As I looked at it, I realized you can be entertained just about anywhere. I even had a list going. As the drive continued, I asked Jane her input and it grew a bit longer. Looking at it now, I'm glad we had a few days to do it in or something might have to be left out.

I finally got around to asking what had brought on this spontaneous trip of hers. I managed to drag it out of her after a bit. Trish's dad was a botanist and proud of it. He passed on to her his love of plants. Trish wanted to be a scientist and maybe go into biology.

Her dad had wanted to visit this gross 'corpse plant' that Colorado was famous for and take my friend along besides. Then he took sick and well, you can guess the rest. When I asked why she had to drag me along if that what she was after, all she said was-

"Well you're my best friend aren't you?"

There really was nothing I could say after that.

Finally we got to our destination and made our first pit stop. I was ready to strech my legs a bit. Trish and I e,amined this list we'd made along the way. Obviously, the plant took first place. But after that, we could be flexible on what we did with the rest of our time here.

Currently, our list looked something like:
Denver Art Museum,
Pearl St.Mall, Molly Brown's House,
Cheyenne mountain zoo,
Garden of the gods,
Paint mines interpretive park,
Desert reef hotsprings,
Hanging Lake.

I'm not sure how much of this would be accomplished and how much of this was my over zealous brain at the time. Trish didn't seem to mind either way. She said we'd be right on time to see the 'corpse flower'. She was so giddy it was almost off putting. She said she planned on face-timing when she got there so her dad could be part of it. That was sweet of her.

So my friend finally got see this plant her and her dad have been crazy about seeing for so long. They geeked out about it and were spouting off trivia about the plant when I wandered off. They were both so exstatic and I wasn't about to ruin the moment for them.

To be fair, it was a good sized plant. At 13 feet, just about anything would be impressive at that size. Though the wafting aroma of rotting meat was making me a bit queazy. I hoped she planned on stopping for nourishment soon. The way my stomach felt it would have to be light.

I'd just managed to turn down a photo op. Some guy thought I looked like his ex so much, he wanted to take my pitcture and show her. Apparently, they were on friendly terms. (More that I can say about my ex. Who just left in the middle of prom, leaving me standing me standing on the dance floor like an idiot. I also pondered if that was part of the reason Trish brought me along on her trip.) I made a note to thank her.

When we met up she seemed satisfied with how things were going. She said she could use a nap. That. Brought up an interesting question of where we'd be staying I hadn't thought of before. She said a cousin had offered to put her up so there shouldn't be any trouble. We were soon on our way to her cousin's.

Trish conked out soon as we got there. I got some sun flower seeds that didn't upset my stomach. The cousin's cat and I shared a couch as I checked in back home. So far so good. Let's hope the rest of the trip goes just as well.

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