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When Jade caught with her feet up thinking everything is good Rosie comes by.
It was a quiet and peaceful day Jade was in the soccer club room by herself. Ow my feet hurt said Jade. Why must we wear shoes with no socks?
She asked herself. Wait no one else is here Jade said. Jade took off both of her shoes revealing her bare feet. Much Better Jade said. Then she put her feet on one of the tables and sat back in a chair. Jade was a tough girl who would always tell at the team members and act in charge. Jade had red long hair with a blue bow and wore her school dress like the the other female managers. Under all that though talk and rudeness you could never tell she pampered her feet and took care of them. Jade thought she could rest her feet untill she heard a click. Huh who's there Jade asked. It was none other than Rosie the other female manager who had took a picture of Jade's feet with her camera. Rosie what are you doing here? Jade asked. I can ask you the same question Jade said Rosie. I'm resting my feet you better not tell anyone of I'll knock out your daylights. I won't have to say anything about this I took a picture said Rosie. Jade's face went blank. Um Rosie you know how I said I would hurt you please don't tell anyone I pamper and have nice feet or show the photo said Jade. Ok on one condition said Rosie. Anything said Jade. I want to tickle your feet said Rosie. WHAT NO WAY said Jade. Ok I guess everyone will know of this picture. Jade's face when blank and thought a little ticking is nothing to keep her reputation. Ok fine said Jade. Rosie then tied up Jade's hands behind her back and tied Jade's feet together. There now You can't run away said Rosie. I'm not ticklish so this is a waste of time said Jade. That's ok I'll just stroke your feet with my nails said Rosie. Jade though that didn't work maybe since Rosie is gentle she'll be a gentle tickler this should be easy. Ok ready said Rosie. Ready Jade said Confidently. Rosie poked all over Jade's foot with her index finger. Mmp Jade struggling a bit she thought I knew my feet were sensitive but this tickles too much. You know you can giggle a bit I won't judge said Rosie. This d-does not e-even t-tickle Jade said giggling a bit. Coochie Coochie coo Jade Rosie said tickling both of Jade's feet. Jade couldn't hold on much longer and burst out laughing. HAHAHA OH MY GOD IT TICKLES screamed. Wow your way ticklish then I thought does it tickle here? Rosie Said she tickled Jade's heels. PLEASE STOP I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE HAHAHAHA Screamed Jade. Rosie hummed to the the sound of Jade's laughter. Then Rosie started to play little piggys with Jade's feet. This little piggy when to market chanted Rosie. HAHAHAHAHAHA NO NOT LITTLE PIGGY. screamed Jade as tears ran down her face. This little piggy stayed home this little piggy had roast beef and this piggy had none Rosie kept chanting. Jade knew what was next and screamed NO I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE HAHAHAHAHAHA . Rosie kept chanting and this piggy when wee wee wee all the way home then scribbled her nails all over Jade's feet. Jade was laughing so hard she was crying. HAHAHA NO MORE I CAN'T TAKE IT screamed Jade. Ok I'll stop said Rosie then she did and untied Jade's feet and hands. Once Jade was free she rushed towards Rosie. Rosie was getting scared she thought Jade would kill her. But to her surprise Jade hugged Rosie. Thanks Rosie I needed that laugh Jade said. Sorry if I tickled you to hard I'll delete the photo. No said Jade keep it so we can remember this day but keep it between us managers ok? Said Jade. Ok maybe next time you can tickle me said Rosie but be gentle. Ok I will Said Jade. THE END
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