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Just another brief monologue on the approach to writing itself.
Well now, I figured it's time for a wee chat on this topic, just to set the matter straight all over again (as if that is still somehow, and in some way, necessary.)

To recap: my reviewing style is almost entirely of the feedback variety. Social chitchat, as it were. First, middle and last impressions. I'm a librarian by trade, and somewhat of a professional reader (simply because I spend my life surrounded by great herds, flocks and schools of books, books about everything under the sun, and then some. Most of which succeed in some way, to accomodate an academic standard.)
And because there is so bloody much to choose from, I get picky, the older I get. But not so picky as to not be endlessly curious about what I might find in this community. It is, after all, a social affair, and I'm a social animal.

That being said, I realize the only thing really, that I feel competently obliged to scrutinize on a professorial level - is song lyrics. That is because this is the only form of writing that I actually earn royalty money from. And no, not a lot - I don't grow rich from it. But I do derive some measure of satisfaction from the occasional checks that wander into my mailbox.
They show up largely because of radio airplay (a thing that is much diminished as the decades roll by) and one or two other sources. They are the result of what is earned from having actually written, copyrighted, and claimed ownership of songs.

This has presented me with an attitude of a little bit more confidence, about how to weigh out and measure the qualities of a song lyric. My favorite thing about the genre is that it is, of course, all over the map. Lyrics come in as many different styles as spans the length and breadth of human imagination.

And before this grows in too long a fashion, I'll end this with a bit of my favorite commentary on the matter: poetry.

Because lyrical writing is a viciously cruel and demanding task-mistress, whose rules are commanded with absolute and totalitarian authority (based on two things, really) rhythm, and rhyme.
Lyrics are written to be sung, far more than they were ever created to be read. And it is that particular marriage between word and tongue that is paramount in the affair. The tyranny of rhyme is, of course, a thing that has produced much misery and howling at the moon, since antiquity.
(Blue you too shoe few new rue etc)

Which is why when it comes to poetry, when first I started to even seriously contemplate the art form, decided immediately to throw all rules out the window. For me, that is its purpose. To open the lyrical cage door, step out, and wander through wherever imagination takes me, with absolutely no rules whatsoever.
Sometimes this reminds me of televised award shows. The men are all in regulated black and white. Very little variation.
The women, however, are all over the map.
My attitude about poetry vs lyrics is sort of like that.

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