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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2225710
An animal rescue run by a witch and a knight.
A Rare Rescue

Roama Belladonna was about to leave, when her phone began to vibrate and flash. With a nod, she brought it to her hand.

“RB Rescue.”

“Hurry!” was the only word she heard.

Summoning a minor whirlwind, she set her magic GPS to the last signal. As she travelled, she wondered what Sir Ian Goodfella was into this time! A lover of animals, he was a partner in her business.

She stepped out of a dust devil to look around. At first, all she noticed was a cloud of smoke filled with the sounds of battle. Roama blew out and it vanished.

Sir Ian Goodfella was bravely fighting off a phalanx of armored knights.

“He’s holding his own well,” Roama told herself, as she flew to him.

Standing back to back, the sorcerer began using spells to help. As they fought on, Roama began to hear the cries of some animal over the other sounds. She homed in her hearing to locate it.

“It’s in that cave over there,” Sir Ian gasped, dispatching the last knight.

Taking his hand, Roama flew them to the entrance of the cave.

“Is it safe to go inside?”

“It knows me, so I’ll go first.”

Nodding, the witch floated close behind him as he entered the cave. She was taken aback by what she saw. A mother and a batch of very young offspring stared at her with starry eyes. Roama smiled.

“Star dragons, but they’re extinct!”

“The father was killed defending his family against the knights. I heard his roars as I was patrolling on my drallion, Ionata. The battle was so fierce, she died too.”

Roama touched his arm in sympathy.

“What do you want to do?”

“Send them to the safety of Mistlandia.”

Roama nodded and it was done.

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