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Life of playing a daddy and a mother!
What do ya do when your the mother and the father?
You playing both roles, thinking one got to go? BUT NO
that cant happen, it aint that easy. got you feeling a lil queezy, just a bit dizzy
You doing the dishes, cookin dinna to, Sleep? do that exist hell naw.
This shit aint right at all. Cant fall , get up ,yeah times is rough, yes you had enough but you pick that shit up!
Kids hungry, ya back hurt ya feeling much worse.... head spinin ya dont feel like ya winnin, kids angry grinnin
Ya pick ya self back up, ya gotta stay strong , you are the mother and the father,

MOMMY, my bed broke... " you remember you are the father to , you playin both roles
you grab ya tool box, get on them tired knees bc ya daughter yea u wanna please, bed older than ever but u just dont care , you can fix everything, especially some lil ol wear and tear!

Mommy , my head hurt ..... " back to the mother role you go .. to the medicine cabinet.. a pill box here a pill box there
anything to make ya baby feel better

When is time for you? When you get your freedom to? sucks When One person turns into two!
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