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two wings are better than one
*Butterflies and Bombs*
I was sitting in a field of meadows
Where the sun has shined all day
And the tips of the grass ,tickled my feet
I started to giggle just like a little girl
There were two butterflies flying
They were both in love
Each --- one landed on my shoulder,
then whispered Words of love,
two --- are better than one
They were flying so very peacefully,
fluttering up my day
And they kept on saying,
True Love will come some day

Then a little birdie chirped
we are all here for love
Until humans "get this"
there will always be war
We don't like the sound of bombings,
or the sound of guns
For they hurt the environment
and the sky above
The grass that you are here on
how long will it be
Then the birds kept singing
"America" is not free

Two swans grabbed my hands
And brought me to the water
And showed me how clear
the water could be
If only America will learn
to make peace
When will people get the message
two by two we shall lead

Instead you have a generation
where love they cannot see
They are destroying this whole planet
with their chemical driven minds
They are ruining the love
that some of us want to find
Brain washing people with their antics
When the solution is plain to see
They keep bringing war
There will never be peace

So the butterfly whispered to me,
I know you are not like them
You understand love
You are one that won't give up till the end
The butterflies said
the last whisper we will give to you
love is a song,
Find the right partner
Who knows the tune

2011/2020-Kyrah Barbette Louise Hale
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