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Sometimes there's just no reasoning with people.
For the last three days, the rain had been beating down from the steel gray sky.

His cousins and uncle were there, holding umbrellas, and glaring at him. "We've decided not to join you," said his uncle Saul. "We would have humored you, but you make too many demands. You know how we feel about vaccines. They cause autism, and who knows what else is in them. I've heard they even put tracking devices in them."

"Who are they?" he asked.

"You know, the government."

"And why would the government want to track you, Saul?"

"You moron! They want to track everybody."

"There's no need to get abusive. I simply asked. Besides, I would think that somebody would have developed a detector for those sorts of things by now."

"You would think, but that's the way these conspiracies work. The people who make the detectors are the same people who make the tracking chips," Saul said.

"Well, I'm sorry I can't have anybody bringing diseases along. I suppose the masks that my wife sewed for you are bugged too?"

"Stupid masks!" cousin Jezebel sneered. "You are just living in fear. Nobody's going to give you COVID-19. The masks just do more harm than good. What if we get some disease from wearing the masks for a long time? Besides, we will not have our rights violated. We have a right to wear masks or not to wear masks. And another thing: Why did you have to be all the way out here? There's no cell service. We could have called you on the phone."

"I'm not a government. I'm a private citizen, and this is my private property," he replied. "You are the ones violating my rights by not wearing them on my property, and as for the cell service, sorry to inconvenience you."

"Fine," said Saul. "We'll leave. All the neighbors are right anyway. You are a crackpot. You've been saying all of this time that it's going to rain. You keep warning of an impending flood. We get flooding every other year. Who says this will be any different?"

"I've told you about the dreams I've been having. I had to prepare. As to 'who says,' the scientific community has been telling us for years. The oceans are rising, and the storms are going to get worse and worse. This time the meteorologists are saying the rain will keep up for weeks."

"Well, I don't take a lot of stock in science. We think this is just another liberal conspiracy to control people and to win the election," Saul huffed.

"I don't belong to a political party. I don't listen to what the politicians say. They don't study these things."

"Well," said Saul, "the Reverend Philips tells us it's going to be okay. We just need to pray. We believe in God and the power of prayer."

"So do I," he replied, shaking his head sadly.

His wife came up behind him. "Noah, we have to go."

They looked at each other with tears in their eyes.

"I'm sorry, but she's right. We have to go now," he said to his relatives. "Goodbye, and I hope you're right about all of this. I really hope so."

Noah's relatives stood there in the rain, watching as he closed the massive doors on the ark.

Several miles away, a dam broke.
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