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A princess journey home
Princess Power

Princess oh princess where have you been?
Princess, have you been out to the ocean shore to watch the sailors as they sail by?
Princess oh princes where have you been?
Princess, have you been to a neighboring city to build great wealth?
Princes oh princess where have you been and will you ever come home again?

Princess Deanna was a beautiful, smart but timid girl who was greatly beloved by her parents. King David and Queen Gwen loved their little princess but they had
very little time with her because of all their royal duties. The king and queen decided early on that Deanna needed a playmate and someone to look after her so she wouldn't have to be alone. So they let one of the noblemen's daughter move in who had a child only two years older than there child. The nobleman just happen to be family so that made the transition easier. The little girl Princess Deanna's cousin whos name was Sophia was not as pretty or as smart as Deanna but she was kind. The two were very seldom apart since she moved in and they even shared a room together. They loved each other quite a bit but the princes liked to sneak off to her favorite lake from time to time to be alone and think. Princess Deanna enjoyed her life for the most part but she often found herself wanting more. More adventure and fun. She often grew tired of her day to day princess life and duties. Every day the same thing day in and day out. Her long morning routine, princess lessons, travel with her parents into the neighboring towns to carry out their royal duties, school, spending time just goofing -off with Sophia, her night routine, than bed-time. She wanted no needed more.

The princess would rise early in the morning not by choice but by force it was the king and queen's rules. Deanna had to be up by 4:30 am and 6 am on the weekends which she hated and would often try to hide under the covers for an extra 10 -20 minutes if she could. Her day started with her long morning routine which she hated even more than
getting up at 4:30 am. The staff would draw her a really hot bath in which they would add honey, lavender, rosemary bath salts, and roses to the water again the queen's orders. Her mother believed that a princess should always be clean, calm, good smelling, pretty, and soft as a pillow and the heat was because her mother said the
steam was good for her skin. She wasn't allowed to bath alone she had to be scrubbed within an inch of her life every morning by two of the women staffers. Tiff and Sara were their names well she thinks that's what they answer to. She wasn't sure and didn't really care too much. Any way the would bathe her and then dry her off and then came all the lotions and creams. The creams were spread all over her from her head to her toes. Lotions that smelled like roses and or had honey in them. Then she was dressed only in queen approved clothes of course. After she was dressed she had to have her hair fixed just so it had to be flawless, then make which also had to be flawless but had to look like she was wearing none. The queen said the trick was making it look like it was natural beauty which she had
but that it was just to bring her natural beauty out more. Then to top it all off she had to march in front of the king and queen for their final approval. If she wasn't flawless the staff would be docked in their pay and made to redo everything which made them give her the silent treatment sometimes for hours or days depending on how often they were docked pay ina week. Finally, she would get to eat breakfast which was almost never anything she would like to eat she had to eat healthily because one day you will be the ruling queen and must stay healthy her mom would say. Healthy ie bland and or boring it what that usually meant other than when her dad would sneak her donuts and milk because he hated the menu as well. Her cousin Sophia was just along for the ride for all this, but never had to endure nearly as much fussing over. She was allowed to get up 30 minutes later, bathe and dress herself in mother approved clothes of course because the queen's court had to be flawless as well but not as much fuss was made over her court. Sophia's hair and make-up were done by her own mother and not staff. She could eat almost anything she wanted as long as it wasn't fried or dripping in sugar. There were no princess lessons for her and she was often let out of school an hour earlier due to the fact she didn't need to know about things pertaining to running the country.

The princess was so tired of this routine that often she would sneak off to the lake whenever she could. She would say she had to go to the bathroom or something then she would sneak out a back door in the servant's wing, run down the back steps and into the nearby forest, and down to the lake. Which was about 1 mile or so away. When it was discovered she was missing the guard would freak her father would yell at the guards and at Sophia, her mother would cry and soon the hunt would be on to find her. They would usually find her within the hour because since she loved the lake so much that was one of the first places to check after the massive castle grounds were checked. The captain of the guard Joknlo would fuss at her all the way back to the castle when he found her. Then she would get fussed at by her dad the king and sent to her room sometimes without lunch if her parents were really upset with her. She however was never permitted to stay in her room all day because as her father stated that wouldn't really be punishment and she had her duties that couldn't be missed. One day however things finally came to ahead. It all started when the princess was in class and Mr.Deeds was rambling on and on about the neighbors to their North which
they hated because her parents said they were mostly liars, robbers and thieves. Any way he was going on and on about how to deal with people like those when she asked to go to the bathroom.She was told she could and then faster than fast quicker than quick she ran to the servants wing pass the sleeping butler, out the back door down the steps and straight to the forest.This time however she decided to slip into one of the caves near the lake so she would not be so
easily found. The princess soon fell asleep listening to the sounds all around her. The hunt was on when they found her missing but this time it took nearly half the day to find her. The captain of the guard was the first to find as usual but he was much angrier this time. He even cussed at her and said if she was his he would have spanked her. The captain grabbed her arm firmly and lead her quickly back to the castle. When she was brought into the throne where the king
and queen had been waiting she was slapped by her dad and called a selfish brat and sent to her room. Her dad had never called her out of her name, hit her before or corrected in front of staff, she rushed out of the throne room red-faced, and with tears in her eyes.

At that moment she hated her parents and decided to run away. The princess had grown very tired of all this princess stuff so she had already had a plan of escape in her head. The princess quickly went to the bathroom and jumped out onto a pile of hay that was left there by the grounds staff. She knew they always left hay there overnight when the workday was done and they didn't want to take it to the royal stables.No one ever dreamed she would jump from any of the high castle windows wither there was hay there or not, they were usually right but today she didn't care. Princess Deanna jumped and thankfully right into the hay and then she took off towards the royal stables taking the servant's path and donning herself in one of the servant's old cloaks. She raced to the stables grabbed her hidden bag just under a pile of unused hay, jumped on her faithful horse Steamer, and race out of the stable towards the forest using the servant's path again. Her cousin however who had been just outside the stables angrily pacing and cursing because once again she was blamed for the princess escape saw her and decided to follow. She grabbed her some of the old servants change of clothes from the loft which was kept there just in case a horse kicked a grounds person
into some mud or poop because no one was allowed in the castle with filthy dirty rags on ever. She grabbed about two or three change of clothes that looked like they would fit and jumped on the king's fastest and strongest war horse name Drummer. The princess was a good rider but not nearly as fast as Sophia so she would catch up to the princess quickly. She quickly overtook her and tried to talk her into going back home but no dice when she figured out she wasn't going to
change her mind she said she was going with her period. Before they could get a good plan together however two large men grabbed the horse's reigns and quickly lead the horse into a darker part of the forest, grabbed them both tied them up, covered their eyes, and taped their mouths with duck-tape. These girls will fetch a pretty penny at the human stockyard they heard one say, yep they are royalty good stock they heard the other say. Oh no, what would the girls do now? Could they get away and who were the two men? Could Princess Deanna real count on the princess power her mother had told her was inside of every girl of noble birth? Could she use that combined with her quick wits and beauty to get away and find their way home?

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