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A heavy heart even when you are together is definitely not a good sign. You need to awake.
My heart is not heavy anymore, not even in ur absence, rather it used to be a lot heavier when we were together. And now even if it has been really long since we last talked, but it is not making any difference. It rather feels like a huge burden imposed within has been set aside by the right decision of letting you go. We are nomore together, I am NOT sad and this doesnt surprise me either as experiencing sadness had been almost my normal routine when with you. Is not that already a enough sign to stick with the decision? Because as of now, my heart feels a lot feathery alongwith much more happiness emerging within, you wouldnot belive but I am literally glowing. What more sign is needed?

I also had this kind of thoughts very often - Relationship is always supposed to bring tremendous joy in our life, isnt it so? Yes, but NO as well. Not every relationship but, only if it turns out to be good one are capable i.e. not necessarily every relationship turns out to be good rather some become really toxic. Experiencing sadness every single day is not normal. Waiting for the person all the time who doesnt show up rather covers up the same with some silly excuses is absolutely not fine. The one you thought would be available for you in all your pains and gains when starts not giving YOU a damn. The pain you feel every single day causing retardation of your personal as well as mental growth is beyond repair if you choose to stay in the toxic relationship. You are always supposed to grow together in a relationship but if it tends to bring you down in any way, it is really toxic, understand that well.

For any relationship to work, efforts from the both sides play a really great role. But generally there is one person giving more which undoubtedly gets tiring after a limited time as everyone has their own defined limits. Well, talking about me - I also had always been a giver, ALWAYS. Thus, I can relate to this feeling very well.This made me experience unlimited pains as nothing would ever turn out to be as expected. Earlier, seeing the love, care, support and many more things people get to experience in love always envied me. Copules hanging out together and their neverending love for each other made me also crave for it. Though not ready but I jumped into it, turning out to be the biggest mistake of my life and the most irrelevant decision taken in haste in order to live those feelings of love. I could hence never understand love as Love is an automatic self driven force that pulls two souls together as and when it is meant to be. My search of love remained unfulifilled turning my life into a bigger mess, as it caused me to crash into wrong people and ultimately poison my life.

However, I have never stopped believing in love. What it takes is the right time and the right person. Till then you are supposed to move on from every things that breaks you apart. It takes time but is worthy. Though, experiencing enough of heartbreaks can completely numb the emotions for a while but calming the mind even in such toughest situation can certainly help to heal eventually; a really really difficult task to do but not an impossible one. So, wakeup now for the biggest decision of life (only if you are in kind of toxic relationship) and ask yourself a few questions as such - Still fighting for the relationship which doesnt make you happy, you feel it worthy? Still wanna live with hefty heart for lifetime? Still dont wanna get out of the toxic relationship that pulls you downwards always? Still afraid of heartbreak you are easily capable of healing if you let go? Isn't the relieved heart you own afterwards enough to let go? Letting go of the things that makes your heart heavier, is one step closer towards discovering the inner happiness, so why not?
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