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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2225795
Sequel to 'Burden of Proof'
Proof Wins

Cooper and Dean walked out of the jailhouse. It had taken some fast talking to explain how they’d gotten into the locked shop called ‘Pawns R Us. In the end, all they had to serve was six months for robbery, since all the goods were returned.

As Cooper shambled along, hands in his pockets, Dean could tell he had something on his mind.

“Out with it! What’s got your brain twisted?” he said as he stopped to light a cigarette.

“Remember how I couldn’t figure out how Lowenstein’s murderer got into the store when the door was locked. It’s been buggin’ me this whole time!”

“I’m sure the cops have figured it out by now,” Dean told him.

“I don’t trust them."

“Nothing we can do about it now, so let’s plan some more new jobs,” Dean urged.

“Maybe you can’t do nothin’, but I plan to. Lenny ‘the Lender’ was always good to me. I feel like I owe him.”

“Suit yourself, catch you later!” Dean said as he got on a bus to downtown.

Cooper sat on a park bench and started sorting through his memories of that night.

“Who would the old man have opened the door to? Only a familiar supplier of marketable items that time of day!” the thief muttered.

“Dean was late that night, I almost had to do the job without him! He never did say where he was.”

In his mind’s eye, Cooper could see the table that the old man had been seated at. Something was definitely missing.

“That solid gold dragon lighter! The oldster prized that thing!”

Cooper remembered back to when Dean stopped to light a fag a while ago. Digging change from his pockets, he found a phone to call the cops and grass on Dean.

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