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A satirical poem about the state of politics.
The Trump Circus

Dreaming, all alone in a place I don't know.
a land of orange clowns, reality shows.
Suddenly someone shakes me, "No!"
"Stop ignoring this king with no clothes".

Danger lurks! Found in angry tweets, silly grins.
This man, calls himself Christian, yet “never sins”.
Judges the rest of us, only cares that he wins.
Pledge loyalty, you might escape with your skin.

Rallied a crowd in Oklahoma, blamed China for the “kung Flu”.
Crowds close in to cheer, believing he truly cares.
The “chosen one”, he will protect all from viral scares.
If you get sick, a ventilator awaits, for lung repairs.

Now, the serious stuff, Trump is handsome and smart.
If you are black, he will get your job back. He has a big heart.
"Radical democrats" only want the votes of skin that's dark.
Four more years, Trump will leave America cold and stark.

No worry about his mental health, explains bad things as a "hoax".
With a stable leader to guide us, how can we be without hope?
His wall protects us from 'bad" people, who rape, murder, carry dope.
Using "law and order", loyal patriots will be liberated to cope.

So turn up to vote for Trump! Make America Great Again!
Listen to a remarkable unique President , and his merry white men.
The rest is "fake news', the Socialist left with their political spin.
America needs genius, not a free land where everyone can win.

By Kathie Stehr
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