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by Cara
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A connection that transcends
I cried for you before
But you were still at my side
What a strong emotion to out pour
To miss someone sitting right nearby

My love for you ran deep
That's why when I thought of this day
Dry eyes I could not keep
Now sadness has caught up with today
Casting my world with a tinge of gray

I reminisce back to day one
If only fate could have a rerun

I found myself on an unexpected road
Stumbling along a path I didn't want to go
I was climbing a mountain while fighting a storm within
So peace was out of reach like music from a silent violin

It took a season to figure it out
But I finally heard the peaceful music all around
There's nothing I would change on my travels throughout
I met people and learned things I wouldn't take back
And along the way I met a special cat

I can already hear some make fun
It's just a cat just like the rest
But if you've ever known a forever one
We're both lucky and know the best
If you're confused by what I say
Keep reading and I'll try to convey

Like a firework dazzling against the night
I visited you and something stood out
I see fire light the sky every July
But there's something about the ones you don't see coming
You know, the ones that sneak by

I've always laughed at love a first sight
But it's true, some things never leave your mind
Seeing you in a cage hurt without a doubt
So I started to plan your breakout

Before long you dashed into our everyday life
A black and white puzzle piece that fit just right
More dog than cat sometimes
I had the best of both in one
So many nicknames for your silly antics
Our definite favorite was the jumping shoulder acrobatics

A countdown is set against all our lives
It was a shock to find yours set only to five

Two continents with seas in-between
Your final moments I wasn't there
A piece of me now haunted within
Guilt mixed with the sting of despair
Residing in the place goodbye should have been

Yes there's moments you look back and reminisce
Nostalgia turns the good into great and the bad okay
But then life gives you the other kind
Memories your still living but instantly know you're going to miss
So you try to imprint every detail to your mind
Sending them to a place where they will be kept alive

Imagine those moments transformed into a soul
Transcending beyond the mere body
To a bond you forever want to know
That soul just happens to be in a cat
My friends, this is what i call

A Forever Cat
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