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You have entered the Royal Ballroom
As you enter, you hear enchanting instrumental music softly floating on floral-scented breezes.
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We have a very gifted poet among us tonight who has penned our winning poem for the Royal Poetry Writing part of our Competition. It is my pleasure to introduce you to w0lfbane who has written the following poem for our competition:

Spoils of War

War Chest

He looked into the chest, his spoils of war.
There's pouches overflowing, shiny gold.
There's bars of silver, bronze and gems galore.
His mind flashed back, remembered days of old.
The feeling mostly bitterness of cold.
The night with sounds of smashing, clashing steel,
and battles fought until one army fold.
They brought their enemy to shame and heel.
He served their master proudly on the field,
by vanquishing all those who would oppose.
He's taking blows with mighty sword and shield.
The cause for fighting no one care or know.
Now he stands like one of Twelve Apostle,
Master Paladin was good and lawful.


Master Paladin was good and lawful.
He guards the innocent; his righteous cause.
Set to kill the evil that is awful,
he wields his weapon, prowess and applause.
Then watched and guarded those who had no flaws.
A Royal feast brings out on mass subjects.
The traitors try to dig in sharpened claws.
A bunch of sinful cowards the King rejects.
The shimmering armor cause blind effect.
He arms himself upon the Kings command.
Their soft necks call his blade "come here, connect!"
The warm blood ran down sword he held in hand.
For Paladins heroics, Bard would sing.
For mighty deeds and how he saved the King.


For mighty deeds and how he saved the King.
The Paladin sat at the feast drank mead.
The Bard strummed upon instruments with string.
They listened to him sing of mighty steed.
"The Paladins horse was strong with great speed,
it longed for ride to deep and darkened woods.
Protect the village, coming death and greed.
The faceless bandits rode in wearing hoods.
Then robbed the merchants of their hard earned goods.
The Twelve rode in and answering their plea,
they cut down thieves on sight right where they stood.
Left warning by the road for foe to see."
The Bard stopped playing, dismay from the King.
Then striking chord the Minstrel softly sing.


Then striking chord the Minstrel softly sing.
To satisfy the ears of Kings and Queens.
Reached over; Queens soft fingers touched his ring.
The two who sit on thrones have Royal genes.
Their long line, heritage sparkles and gleams.
The King watched over many flourishing lands,
the Queen walked basking within sunny beams.
Their subjects bowed down to their knees and hands.
It was kind people, that's their biggest fans,
for sheltering them inside castle walls.
Protection from vast armies, Saracens.
They laid siege to the Kingdom; break its halls.
The King drew sword and put it to the test,
then his Twelve Peers joined, finished off the rest.


Then his Twelve Peers joined, finished off the rest.
The jester pulled the chain, opened the gate,
and Paladins rode with King through the fence.
The Jester lifted draw bridge, pulled up grate.
He had to get changed for important date.
In great hall he showed them his iron will.
At feast the many guests participate.
He boasted many charming festive skill,
and puts on acts; gives audience a thrill.
The moon came out in skies and then it pass.
The people feasted having lavish fill.
They laughed so hard their voices heard on mass.
Again the Kingdom held and lives were spared.
It's mainly common man who really cared.


It's mainly common man who really cared.
They worked on tasks and tended to their crops.
It was not long, they produced all the wears.
The blacksmiths mighty forge fired crackling pops.
Repeatedly sparks flew as hammer drops.
Then over again, beat the cherry steel.
By light of fire, its where his patron shops.
He summoned flames heating, weapons, shield.
They were for great Kings and Paladins to wield.
The blades were smooth and sharp to precision.
The armor gave them command of the field.
Armed; King made the decisive decision.
He told his army, "Ready before dawn."
The sun broke upon earth, King moved a pawn.

Saracen Battle

The sun broke upon earth, King moved a pawn.
"Knights, don't let our friends succumb to chattel! "
The Paladins look on like pausing fawn.
"Come and ride with me into the battle."
Holy ones prayed while folks tend their cattle.
The Saracens arrived and timing, dire.
Their army forms and then sabers rattle.
The message had reached Paladin through squire.
From top the walls they reigned down liquid fire.
Then Frankish King attacks with very best.
Right after war they achieved their desire.
With Saracens defeat he claimed the chest,
that held the memories, horrors and gore.
He looked into the chest, his spoils of war.

Distinguished Royal guest, we will now make our way out to the courtyard where a trio of banquet tents have been pitched in the royal rose garden. Please come with me. "Royal CourtYard
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