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Great thrown room where we will crown our Champion
The cobblestone walkway leads you back into a foyer and down a posh hallway that spills into a very ornate room where a magnificent thrown sits at the center of the room, high on a platform.

Great trumpets blast and the entire Royal Army decked out in their formal attire march into the room and form two straight rows from the entrance to the base of the thrown. Two officers of high rank enter and with great flourish unroll a massive ruby red velvet carpet between the two rows of soldiers. As the trumpet sounds off again, with military precision they unsheath their swords and raise them high, touching the tips of the swords together.

You, along with the great crowd of guests turn and watch as the newly appointed Prince and Princess appear in the doorway and solemnly make their way down the long red carpet and stand one on each side of the thrown. After they have taken their places, the royal trumpets herald the arrival of the Queen of the Royal Competition.
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As a hush of anticipation fills the room, in all her resplended refinement, in walks torquemada Queen and Champion of the Royal Writing Competition of 2020! The room explodes in cheers and yells as a sea of balloons cascade and fall on everyone. Trumpets sound off and the Royal Band launch into the anthem of the Kingdom!

The Queen of the Royal Writing Competition wrote "Invalid Item All our guests are urged to read it and send her a Royal Review!

Award Ceremony:

w0lfbane Winner of the Royal Poetry Contest has won the Rare Merit Badge, the Poetry Merit Badge, An awardicon ribbon for his poem, and 100,000 gift points and a Royal Trinket.

torquemada The First place winner of the Royal Writing competition has won the Fairy Tale Merit Badge, the Rare Merit badge, and the Fantasy Merit Badge, an awardicon for her entry, 100,000 gift points, and a Royal Trinket.

Princess Morticia Megan Rose Our second-place winner has won the Fairy Tale Merit Badge, an awardicon ribbon for her entry, 50,000 gift points and a Royal Trinket.

percy goodfellow Our third-place winner has won the Fantasy Merit Badge, an awardicon ribbon for his entry, 30,000 gift points, and a Royal Trinket.

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