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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2225911
Flash Fiction 7/2/20. W/C. 288
The Vote

George was adamant. “You have to do it that way.”

“Who died and made you boss?” questioned Leslie.

“It’s all spelled out in the handbook.”

The members sat around and reread the handbook, the one put together so tirelessly all those months ago.

“See? Right here on page 51. Page 51 is the preamble to Page 52. ‘Wherein if a member decides to defect from the group, said group shall take it upon themselves to decide if that member should be replaced.’ And then it says on Page 53 as an Afterword to this ‘If the member is replaced, the group then will decide who the new member will be. A tied vote shall be decided by a vote cast by the chairman or chairwoman of the board.’ It’s all going according to plan as set forth in the handbook.”

All members at the round table started to wonder why they had signed on for such nonsense.

“So what is it we are voting on again? I’ve lost track.” Jane had her hand up.

George once again consulted the handbook. “I think we are back at page 35. Back where it determines defining descriptions of scribing. We have a duty here, folks. A duty to get this right. And if we don’t get this right, then chaos and confusion will reign supreme. Entropy will increase. The earth will then spin off its axis. Then where will we be? Huh?”

Jane politely coughed. “I hardly think this will set the earth into a tailspin, George. I just want to know the vote.”

George sighed. “Mary resigned from Girl Scout cookie sales this year. Who will be in charge of keeping the record of sales? That’s what we’re voting on.”

W/C 288
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